Step 10: Final product

Picture of Final product
As you can see, everything is off the floor and organized. Could it be prettier? Yep. Could I have added lights? Yep. Could I have spent money on this? Sure, but why would I when this cost nothing but a couple of hours on a Sunday. There are some excess cables on the left of the picture and that is due to the coax for internet and audio cables. For those who want to know what type of peripherals I run so they can judge space and how much shelving to get, read on:
-PC (on desk)
-19" Flat screen
-17" CRT
-external hard drive
-battery Charger
-left & right speakers + subwoofer
-Game controller
-6 outlet surge protector (on desk)
-mouse charger
-mini-usb cable run from rear of PC to charge phone
-headphone jack to RCA cable run from rear of PC
-network printer
-usb printer

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope this has helped at least one other person. Your comments are appreciated.
Wantonmin4 years ago
Great use of existing equipment. I'm looking to build something similar for my workspace. I prefer not to poke any holes on the wall and need something that is attached under the table.
uskeepa5 years ago
I like this and think it's a very simple yet elegant solution...just out of curiosity -- why mount the unit to the wall so the "clutter" can still be seen rather than the underside of the table itself w/some lag-bolts and eye-hooks so you could even mount and unmount?  Just a thought.
70melbatoast (author)  uskeepa5 years ago
Thanks for compliment. Lag bolts/hooks are a great idea! My goal was to create something that I had sitting around the house and to spend little or no money. The way my office is laid out, there would be no reason for me to remove the shelf so I decided on angles & zip ties.
adhyyy5 years ago
 i love this idea, specially  the shelf  :) i'll build one for mine.
thanx buddy :)
JediZombie5 years ago
I like this, and I will soon be using this idea of yours. I will of course make adjustments for myself, but I think it will work perfectly
shtihl6 years ago
i would have positioned the router so i can see the diagnostic lights. perhaps mount a mirror? you could probably use an old compact mirror (from wife or girlfriend)