These decorations look great hanging in a window with the light shining through them or outside hanging in the garden.

You will need a guard from a computer fan. They are about 3 inches/7.5cm wide.

Step 1: Marbles

You will need lots of marbles, a hot glue gun and some string to hang the decoration.

These marbles are 'craft' marbles from a discount store. Any marbles that let the light through would be fine.

Work out a pattern you're happy with. Then, using a hot glue gun, put two dabs of hot glue onto two guard tracks. Quickly place a marble on the glue and hold for a few seconds. Continue to apply marbles until you've got a piece of beautiful glass art.

Updatetulekah kindly suggested putting marbles on both sides of the fan guard so that it looks good from front or back.

Cool, I like this idea. I would probably use fried marbles because I'm currently obsessed with them and looking for ways to use them, but it would up the sparkly factor quite a bit.
I love it. What a great idea. I knew about fried marbles years ago but had forgotten all about them. Thanks for the tip. I've added your idea to the instructable.
i have some of those grills but i never thot to ornament them.   i would alternate sides when gluing on the marbles so that when they turn (like in a mobile) there isn't a 'front' and 'back'.
That's a good idea about putting marbles on both sides. I have added your idea to Step One. Thanks.<br />
They can also be used as coasters for warm coffee cups or so.
Beaut. A good project to keep one busy on a lazy day.
Beaut. A good project to keep you busy on a lazy day.
Very pretty!<br />
That's lovely! Such ingenuity!
<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(235,239,249);">Nice, but I suggest you a better tittle: &quot;Computer fan guard art, or how to obstruct the PC cooling&quot;</span></span>
Haha, yes could be the latest trend in computer modding!<br />
But who looks at the back of the computer? Many are hidden under the desk.<br />
.&nbsp; Great job. Clear pictures (except step 5 and it was clear enough to get the idea across). Good explanations. Great way to recycle old computer parts.<br /> .&nbsp; I do wonder how long hot glue and plain ol' thread will hold up to weather and sunlight.<br /> .&nbsp; You might be able to combine more than one guard using stainless steel bolts/nuts/washers to get attractive patterns.<br />

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