Step 4: Wireless?

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I decided to add a WiFi card since I had an open PCI slot.

Once you have the WiFi card in, the desktop is pretty much as it will be once you are done, but we still have more to do.
bbear44 years ago
how come wifi? Doesn't it have integrated ethernet? For a stationary desktop, wouldn't that make more sense? I guess if you want to have access to your 10gb hard drive from wifi mobile devices, it makes sense.. but not completely.

Also, yeah. D-link is pretty high up there in my book as far as comparability and value.

Have you ever made a DD-WRT or OpenWRT router? I'd slap one of those behind the monitor and plug it into the ethernet port and you effectively have a 4 port switch, a wireless router, a wireless access point, a wifi repeater and more all in one device and it leaves your pci open for a graphics card for encoding/decoding so you can use your low power consumption, fan less thin computer for watching your "important files" on your television.
scob89 (author)  bbear44 years ago
Also, nope, never had a need for one of those routers, I just use a NAS hard drive enclosure with a 500GB drive for movies and such.
bbear4 scob894 years ago
Thats pretty cool. I imagine an instructable exists for making a NAS but that's a project I would be interested in making. I'll have to do a little research on whats more effective/cheap 1. NAS or 2. External Firewire or USB 2.0 HDD

I'm still burning tv shows and movies to DVDs.

Thanks again for the good article. I am now bidding on a similar Wyse so I can feel less guilty about leaving my computer running almost all the time. I finished reading your part two and realized I should start finishing the articles before commenting cause I saw you did add a flash based drive. :) Also, thanks for the info on the x50v battery door. I'm going to go start looking for it now :)
scob89 (author)  bbear44 years ago
WiFi because I'm too lazy and cheap to bury 50 feet of underground Ethernet cable. This was mainly used in an old shed close to the house to provide a source of online radio and view PDF repair manuals.