Picture of Computer lock-up prank
This has got to be my all-time favorite prank to pull at work. It will drive your co-workers nuts, and keep them busy for hours!

This is being entered in the April Fools contest. If you like it, please vote for it!

It is perfectly harmless to computers, programs and data, and when done correctly, it will look like your co-worker's computer will not allow them to close any open program windows, until you let them in on the secret.

To set up this prank, you will need access to the target Windows PC. If your co-worker uses a password, you'll need to wait until they have stepped away from their desk to go to lunch, or coffee break.
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Step 1: Create the graphic

Picture of Create the graphic
Once you have gained access, open all sorts of computer programs, in multiple windows. Start up several different sessions of their web browser, and go to all sorts of different sights. Use your imagination. If you want to embarrass the victim, go to sites like WebMD and search for ailments like Hemorrhoids or Jock Itch. How about Googling “how to hide from your boss”? Again, use your imagination.

When you are happy with the layout, hit Ctrl + Prt Scr (Print Screen). This will copy the screen image to the Windows clipboard.

Open Microsoft Paint, by selecting Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint. (You can also use any other graphic or paint program.)

Hit the Paste icon, or Ctrl + V, to create a graphic and save it as aprilfools.bmp. Be sure to place it in a folder that you can easily find, like in the default documents or pictures folders, or even on the desktop.
doodlecraft2 years ago
That's hilarious! I am so going to do this to my hubby's laptop! Thanks for the great idea! :)
ray742 years ago
This prank is awesome. :)
I have used it before and it works great.
Thank you for sharing.
Zews, if you work for a company that would fire someone for social interaction and comedy on a harmless level like this one, find a new company man. A company like the one you describe will never be successful in the long run, as they will always put money before the employees that create the success in the first place. We are not robots and should never be expected to behave as such. There is nothing unprofessional about laughing and having fun while working. Relax a little.
lime3D (author)  Snake man Steve2 years ago
Yeah Snake man, if you look at zews instructables, you see he isn't old enough to have ever had an office job.
zews2 years ago
um wont this guarantee that you might get fired. for A wasting valuable time(you know the old saying. time is money). B tampering with a coworkers computer. C it will make a bad impression(you know, not professional).
lime3D (author)  zews2 years ago
A. No, this instructable does not come with a guarantee.
B. No, there are no changes being made to the computer itself. The desktop background is part of the user account. Each computer can include multiple users, each with their own background image. Most companys allow users to customize their personal settings.
C. It depends on where you work.