Picture of Computer table
Last year my son needed a computer table. Anything found in shops could be divided into a) particle-board crap that would fall apart in few months or b) just plain inconveniet or c) outrageously expensive. So I decided to do build one myself. It was a success. This year my second son is going to school and now I did not even waste my time on looking for commercial offers, we just built it. This time documenting it in the process.

Result is simple, sturdy and convenient. It does not take much skills or special tools to make it.  Pros would probably point out some cosmetical errors or use different construction solutions.  For me and my boys these tables work fine.

What you need to do this table.
Skillwise - you should be able to saw straight, drill straight, have enough patience to get your measurements right and that's pretty much it. I am not a cabinetmaker, not even a carpenter, but humble translator. That says all about required skills ;)
Toolwise - I used two different handsaws (big and small teeth), electric jigsaw, electric drill (6 & 10 mm bits) for dowel holes, dowel markers, electric sander (60&100 grit papers, alternatively you need LOTS of patience), electric screwdriver, hammer, square rule, rule, tape-measure, pencil, glue. That's it.
Materials - laminated timber: one pcs of 2500x600x28 (for the tabletop), 3 pcs of 2500x200x18 for racks and edges, some 50x50 for edge supports and legs, some fiberboard for rackbacks (plywood would be better, but I had the fiberboard handy).

All the measurements are in mm. That's a sweet revenge to all you inch-loving anglosaxons for those long hours spent converting your stuff.
Zeamot20 days ago

really nice looking desk

quinault5 months ago

I gonna make a similar one next month. Good luck to me huh?

i would love to know how much this whole project costed in all? i love the look and style of this and i need to know my price range so i can go get the materials.

ébrisson2 years ago
How much does it cost for all the project ?
tinker2343 years ago
wow did you add a clear coat
wahur (author)  tinker2343 years ago
EUserName3 years ago
I laughed really hard at this comment;

"All the measurements are in mm. That's a sweet revenge to all you inch-loving anglosaxons for those long hours spent converting your stuff."

Nice project wahur!
profpat4 years ago
cool project!!!
lolcat3604 years ago
Now just sand it down and wood stain it.
wahur (author)  lolcat3604 years ago
I was in such a hurry to post the instructable that final finishing is still waiting :) But at least it is sanded all right - this should be done before the final assembly, otherwise you are in for a lots of grief.

I chose to lacquer it. Stain certainly gives better look, but is not as durable. After all, this is for an active boy that loves to tinker with stuff.
zazenergy4 years ago
Very nice!