Step 9: Program your light display

Picture of Program your light display
Once all of the setup is finished, it's time to program. The different lighting functions are as follows:

On - Turns on the lights
Off - Turn off the lights
Fade in - Fade the lights in
Fade out - Fade the lights out
Twinkle - Makes lights blink on and off randomly
Shimmer - Makes lights flash on and off simultaneously (strobe effect)
Set intensity - Sets intensity of lights to 0, 50%, or 100%. (does not work well for LED lights)

Select the appropriate tool and click in each event where you want a specific channel to turn on or off. You're pretty much on your own for designing your lights. Here are a few tips I can offer:

- Think about the mood of the song. If it's a quick song, use warmer colors and quick flashes. If it's a slower song, use cool colors and more fades.
- Don't flash all of your lights from the beginning. Follow the feel of the song and build it visually by adding in more lights as the song builds.
- Don't have too much flashing all at the same time. It confuses the audience.
- Save your work as you go.

You can press the play button at the top to see your progress in action. You can also use the animation tool to draw each channel in the window. This will help you visualize how your final display will look.