Concept Car Prototype




Introduction: Concept Car Prototype

This week we've created this amazing concept car design combined from 5 different sports cars. A great application for industrial design, concept prototyping and manufacturing.

Download the artwork files in the ZIP file attached.

Step 1: Engrave and Cut the Base

Start with the main base, engrave the guide lines and cut it out of the main piece of wood or acrylic. In the images we use TroGlass 1/8" Satin Black cast acrylic. On the Trotec Speedy 300 80w laser we've used 85 power and 100 speed for the engraving and 100 power with 1.2 speed for the cut. If you're using 1/8" MDF, we've used 100 power and 90 speed for the engraving, and 100 power and 0.9 for the cut.

Step 2: Engrave and Cut the Vertical Panels

After finishing the base, we've laser cut the vertical panels and engraved the two sides for decorations. The cutting and engraving settings are the same as for the black base.

Step 3: Engraving and Cutting the Wheels

Laser cut and engrave the outer wheel out of the same acrylic, for the inner wheels (with rims) we've engraved and cut them out of the TroLase Metallic 1/8" laminates. We've used 80 power and 90 speed on the engraving and 75 power and 100 speed on the cut.

All materials can be purchased here:

Step 4: Assembly

We then use acrylic glue to assemble the car together, we use masking tape to hold the pieces together. First assemble the vertical red pieces onto the base. Assemble the wheels separately and when the glue is settled attached the wheels to the base.

Step 5:



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