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Introduction: Concept Police Car

I've been building stuff off this site awhile, but there really isn't any lego cars that I felt like building. I decided for my first post to be my police car. Please comment if you would like instructions because I don't want to take this car apart for no reason.



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Questions & Answers


Well I'm not sure whether I still have it still assembled, but if I do I'll see about make some instructions!

Add lego to the title and another paragraph and it ll be featured .

This was my first ible'. Kinda a learning thing for me. I probably could break this down and make instructions.

Cool check tomorrow 2 c my new bulldozer . Its massive.

Looks great.
Is there any place in the back to put perps, or is this car just for chasing down the bad guys?

Well... unfortunatly its purely concept. So no... I didn't think of that when I built it. I feel kinda stupid not including that space.

That just means this is a chase vehicle, leaving the paddywagon to clean up after this speedster catches up to them!

How long does it take before an instructable gets posted on this site? I'm still waiting for the artillery truck to appear and I think I published it 2 days ago.