Step 2: From Home to Horn

Time to turn that snail's home into a musical instrument.
The objective here is to end up with a hole as wide as a U.S. Dime which will be the mouthpiece on the end of the conch. This means we must break off the tip of the conch. If you choose to use a saw, use ventilation and be prepared to learn just how tough a conch's shell is. If you use brute force, be careful to not take too much off. The key to remember here is that you can always take more off, but you can't put it back on. Over all, 1/8" to 1" of the tip will be removed.

Now, you'll notice a structure in the center of your dime-sized hole. Snap this out with a nail or center punch (1/8" to 3/4" of it may need to be removed). You'll see exactly what I mean when you do it.

Just smooth this mouthpiece with sandpaper or file (to prevent cut lips), and that's it!
According to CITES, conch are "threatened", bordering on "endangered". It would be unwise, therefore, to buy a harvested conch for this instructable. Stick to using shells collected when already empty (although they are also important as (according to AMNH) "abandoned conch shells provide shelter for hermit crabs, baby groupers, octopuses, and many other creatures").
Why does sum1 always have to try and b a smartass, the plural of octopus is actually octopodes, this is not a "simple" Latin word, but a latinized Greek word "oktopus", so octopi is not correct.
<p>Just to be that guy replying to a 5 year old comment: The correct pluralization is varied and there are many examples, but Octopities is by far the most widely accepted and renowned as &quot;correct&quot;.</p>
We're not speaking Greek, buddy.
how enviromentaly friendly is a welk shell?
As long as it died happily, of natural causes at a great age...
Thanks :)
Trees are homes to birds, and chop them down for paper. Its just the way humans effect the environment.
Trees used for paper are closer to cows-raised on farms just for harvesting. I would stick to 'recycling' by getting one at a second hand store or garage sale.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.nationalgeographic.com/eye/deforestation/effect.html">Quite.</a><br/>
<p>wow</p><p>that is awsome</p>
Where's Spongebob?
Check this out.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.amazon.com/Sanctified-Shells-Steve-Turre/dp/B0000046MV">http://www.amazon.com/Sanctified-Shells-Steve-Turre/dp/B0000046MV</a><br/>8&gt;)<br/>Don<br/>
i think i am doing something wrong, i have made my hole, its a tiny bit bigger than the dime but i think it will be ok. the problem is that i think i didnt do the nail thing right, not sure if i took enough off or not. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFzqIiBdzIw">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFzqIiBdzIw</a> the begging of this video is showing what sound i am getting when i try to use it. im not sure if im blowing wrong or if i didnt make the hole right.<br/>
i used my consh shell horn when i found our castle under attack. it awoke the trees and they walked on the enemy and killed them.
I was fortunate enough to see Steve Turre play a show once where he played Miles Davis's - All Blues on a set of about 7 conch shells amazing!
I believe someone put that up on youtube! I was just watching it today, actually. I live in Florida, less than 30 minutes from major Tampa beaches, can I find large conch shells there? Where would a man look? I also live near Tarpon Springs, which happens to be a sponge and shell emporium. How much would a foot long conch run me? Anyone?
i got a conch from hawaii (i bought it) and i love the sound
I found my conch shells with small thin chisel holes in them. That's one hole per, presumably because someone killed it to eat the conch. Would that still work...? Its sort of at the part past the tight spiral (where you made the mouth) but before it starts slanting to the tapered cone.
So thrilled with the outcome of this project! Had a tense moment early on when I hadn't cut enough off of the tip and was getting no sound. Found the exterior brittle and easy to cut with a hacksaw, but the interior was maaaaade oooofffff iiiiirrronnnnn. Used a tiny speed bit to perforate the interior piece and snapped it off with needlenose pliers. (In case you're wondering, the conch was decor in my parents' bathroom in, like, 1980, and had been in the basement ever since.)
sucks for ipod. my marching band has one now for when we get first place!
thats cool. and where do you live because those pictures look amazing!
If you want to hear some really good conch, check out <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.steveturre.com.">http://www.steveturre.com.</a> He plays trombone. And jazz conch. It's conch he's playing on the tune on his home page. Awesome sound!<br/>
That's Awesome! I'm off to find out what type of conch that is...

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