My Dear Instructables Crazy People:),

Ahh..it feels so good to make a lighted object after such a long time. In reality I never stopped thinking about making lamps & lightings but I was giving a trial in other areas of creativity. :D

"When you want something the universe conspires in helping you achieve it"- The Alchemist.

Isn't it so true?

I wanted to make a different styled lamp. I think some of my ideas were unique yet I was not motivated for a go-ahead until 2 days back When I found a big conch shell while cleaning my backyard where I keep my garden supplies (Soil etc.). It reminded me of my first visit to a sea shore in South India, where I found this conch shell. I was a kid and the feeling was no less than finding a Genie lamp of Aladdin that time

And I decided to use the shell for making a new lamp, a different one, a pendant. 

Lets get started. Oh.. please vote for me if you like this ible :).

Step 1: Gathering the Required Stuff

You would need following items to make a night light like this: (You can check some items in the image above)
NOTE: Please ignore the chain in the image above, I initially thought of using the chain to hang the shell but later I chose the metal tube and found it a much better option
  1. A Conch Shell.
  2. A Nose Plier.
  3. Earthing or Ground Wire.
  4. A metal tube (Thickness like a pencil).
  5. Some wires for lighting.
  6. LED 1 watt with driver or LED bulb small enough to go inside the shell. I had a spare LED fixture which I bought for lighting my almirah. I found it suitable for this job. 
  7. Insulated tape (May not be required in your case)
You may choose to use your own lighting mechanism. I had no other option :).

Lets make some prepration now in the next step
Now this is why I signed up to instructables!!! Very Creative. I love the fact that you used the konch in a way that is refreshing and new! Innovative way to accent a room with an interesting new twist to coastal home accents... I'm absolutely on a hunt for a konch now! :)
<p>I am so glad that you liked it, Thanks so much:)</p>
Thank you so much :)
Bahut umdaa.....bahut aala darje ka kaam kiya hai aapne bhaijaan... inshallah fateh aapki hogi.
शुक्रिया भाई जान, आप आये और आपने कमेंट किया| :-)
Tarun - your creative mind is amazing! Run with it - keep making instructables - I never in my life would have thought of this! it is Awesome!
Thank you so much Holly, your compliments are always very motivating:).
What a way to display the ocean's beauty in your home. Well done!
Thank you so much :)
Such a beautiful and unique pendant light! great work Tarun!
Thank you Muhaiminah :).
Very beautiful! from my profile pic I guess you can say...l love sea shells :-)
Oh yes, I can see your love for shells in your profile pic :)Thanks Shazni, I am glad you liked it.
Gorgeous lamp !! For me this is very unique never seen n imagined something beautiful like dis.reallyy fab work tarun:-)
I embrace your amazing appreciation. Thank you so much.
This is such a BEAUTIFUL idea! Although I am a lamp addict too I don't think I would have ever come up with anything like this...great job!! :)
Oh...Linda. Thats so nice of you to say this. Thank you so much. I am fan of your ideas :).

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Bio: An artist by birth, a software architect by choice, a lamp maker by passion, a learner forever. Featured Author here:)
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