Concrete Boat!





Introduction: Concrete Boat!

Concrete Boat:

Materials List- 
Rubber Gloves
Silicone Spray
Boat shaped mold (I used a Tupperware bowl but almost anything can be used) 
Bucket to mix concrete in

Step 1: 
First create a mold of the shaped boat you want. My mold was a medium sized plastic Tupperware bowl, but you could create one out of wood, Styrofoam or anything else.
Step 2: 
Coat the mold with silicone spray so that the concrete will not stick to it.
Step 3: 
Put the concrete in the bowl and smooth it out with your hands until it is distributed evenly. 
Step 4: 
Let the concrete dry for at least 24 hours and then remove it from the mold. Now let it float! (: 
Mix the appropriate amount of concrete and water together, make sure to wear rubber gloves! 



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    What is the mixture to have a floating boat

    I need your help. Can u plz reply as soon as possible

    In the 1960s and 1970s, sailing magazines touted making ferro-cement yachts as a more affordable yacht. My dad built one and we sailed a good part of the world in it. I could see having my kids try this activity some day to get a tiny feel for what their grandpa did to make his yacht.

    a good idea is to also use the next smaller bowl in the tupperware set if you are looking for a mold like finish. just fill the first one 3/4 full and shove the second inside. weight it down

    Looks cool. I made a bowl in a similar way, but tried to pour the concrete in. It was very tricky. And I see you wearing gloves!... I learnt the hard way :(

    See also

    Rowboats were actually one of the first things built (and sold) by the guy who invented steel reinforced concrete back in 1848 or so

    I am told that during WWII that concrete was used to make ships, because steel was so scarce. After the war, most of them were sunk to act as reefs. Fishing has always been good there.

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    wat yore talking abowt is "pykreet" (apologis for spelling - im dislexic) mythbusters, did a thing abowt it not so long ago - try youtube they didnt actchaly make boats i dont think but it was tryed

    You're mistaken about what pycrete is. Pycrete is a composite of sawdust or wood fiber with ice. Here is a link to Wikipedia's article on Pycrete:

    Ships were made of concrete, and some boats still are (I don't think anyone is currently making big ships from concrete).

    There were also proposals to build various things, including floating docks and perhaps ships from pycrete.

    Nice Grammar.

    And they did actually get it to float.

    cheers! my grammar is ushally like pin the tale on the donky - if its in the rite plase its a happy coinsedents!

    I found this concrete ship in China recently. The river has apparently been reclaimed around it and it's now part of the landscape. .

    Concrete yachts are pretty common. Usually known as "ferro" boats. A famous concrete racing yacht was/is "Helsal II".

    helsal ii.jpgconcrete ship.jpgconcrete ship.jpg

    They did make concrete ships, but steel reinforcing is a big part of them. Supposed to be extra desirable in rocky water. Look it up.