My family have never been big Halloween fans but every year we turn on our porch lights and are ready for the trick-or-treaters that will come. My sister and I will normally carve a pumpkin or two and that is all the decorations we have. This year I wanted to make something out of concrete because honestly I'm really into that material right now. It is cheap and easy to use.

I plan to make a few more brains to lay out over the porch come Halloween.

Step 1: Tools & Materials.

1. Quickcrete concrete mix (I used Quickcrete 5000 and cost about $5)

2. Bowl and Spoon

3. Water

4. Cooking Spray

5. Mold

This project coast me a total of $5 since I already had the concrete mix but if you were buying both items it would probably cost $10-11 bucks. So pretty cheap for a cool looking halloween decoration.

<p>You could try make it from jelly? </p><p>You could even make it clear, with soft silicone tubes set inside the jello with access from the outside, and just pump red food colouring through it. could be quite a cool effect.</p>
<p>That would be pretty cool with the food coloring! I might give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.</p>
<p>That turned out looking amazing! I would have never thought to cast a brain! I may try something like this. Great idea!</p>
<p>Thanks!! I can't wait to see what you make!</p>

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