Concrete Bridge


Introduction: Concrete Bridge

Two weeks ago i made a concrete bridge in front of my new house terrain.

I am not good with words but i have a video from that day and i think that can help someone making their own.

Major steps in this project:

Cum am construit podul de la intrare:

1. Digging the holes for the foundation (made by hand)
2. Making the wood frame for foundation
3. Preparing the iron mesh
4. Pooring concrete mix
5. let it dry

It was a simple project made in just one day with 3 peoples.

Project details
Cement Quantity: 17 bags
Gravel Quantity: 3 large trays
Water: about 400 liters
Execution Time: 1 day

More details can be found on my website



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    There's a road in my town that has these on every drive way but about 10 feet off the ground

    Did you end up removing the wood frame? If not, will the cement hold up after it has rotted away?

    3 replies

    Exactly my concern! I noticed that no rebar have been used for the footings. It looks like they used a mesh but even with that, I don't think that the bridge would hold on for too long without proper reinforcement.

    I used a steel mesh for reinforce, is a small bridge for small traffic, i hope is ok

    This weekend i will remove the wood frame. I'm sure that will be ok. I will post new images next week.