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With all the excellent entries in the Concrete and Casting Contest I actually feel quite intimidated in making an entry...but I thought...let's give it go and and ended up having so much fun with it!
I have seen garden hollow concrete balls ...I thought that might be an easy project to tackle...while I was at it i thought to try out concrete candle holders too....I fell in love with a concrete table which looked like a table clothe and wanted to try that too..haha...over the top for a nubi right?? exactly! that is another story :-P

The below projects can be done in a weekend...so try it out...if you want to get into the world of concrete for fun!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Balls of the size you want - you may use Styrofoam balls or hard blow up balls.
glass fiber
latex gloves
plastic bottles for mold
barbecue sticks to hold Styrofoam balls
loose weave fabric
acrylic polymer ( or white glue which can be substituted for a nubi trying out stuff!)
oil- for lubrication
fiba tape- great if you can find them...but if you cant no problem...i couldn't find it so i used fabric and glass fiber
zwischi2 years ago
shazni (author)  zwischi1 year ago
Thank you!
tdc22022 years ago
shazni - this looks like fun! What a cute planter!
shazni (author)  tdc22022 years ago
Thank you so much!
shizy252 years ago
great fun!