Concrete Keys- Ergonomically Industrialised design, Artistically inspired... Chunks of Concrete

Picture of Concrete Keys- Ergonomically Industrialised design, Artistically inspired... Chunks of Concrete
Embed your key in concrete. The ultimate transformation of a boring key, to a unique unusually ergonomic piece of industrially artistic wonder.

Do you ever get tired of staring at you boring old house keys?

I certainly do, I am even sick of the way they pinch and hurt your fingers while trying to open a stubborn lock.

For a while now I have wanted something different from my keys. Not only an opening experience yet something more.

I wanted style with something different, yet it had to be comfortable and practical at the same time.

What has all these things and is readily available?

Concrete my friends, concrete.

We all love to hate it.

Boring and dull as lifeless slabs conforming our lives. Forcing us this way and that. Around corners, up stairs, down stairs, backwards when it blocks us completely.

No more shall we conform to the rules of our concrete prisons.

Thus I have created the Concrete Key. An opener of passage ways, an exit to a locked room, a conformer to freedom and a way out.

Use your concrete key to free yourself, from the shackles of its unruly influence over us all.


Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
~ Bag of high strength cement

~ Bowl/container x 2

~ A key

~ Gloss concrete sealer

~ 800 grit sand paper
3366carlos3 years ago
Is this a blank (dummy) key or a real one? I don't see any teeth on it.
Aw, I thought it's a concrete key where everything is made of concrete. I was thinking of making a silicone mold of the key then pouring a concrete mix into it and leave it to set. Now it's literally rock-hard! Hey, you know you probably would want a small LED embedded into the concrete too, just in case :D
Asnia5 years ago
If you have sensitive skin it's best to wear gloves while molding the concrete.  I found out the hard way you can get chemical burns. Some cheap neoprene or latex gloves do the trick. (Makes clean-up a lot easier too)
what happens if you need a duplicate key made wont the concrete head be in the way ?
Yes it will. Too bad.
bobtannica Bor5 years ago
What if you were to make a dup first and then embed one and keep the other "just in case"?
Bor bobtannica5 years ago
 Yeah, or you dremel the concrete away when that's necessary 
l8nite6 years ago
neat idea. I realize this is an older ible but still wanted to comment. I was having trouble figuring out which key went to the ignition on acar I bought that had generic keys so I used a polymer clay to make the ignition key different. real quick and easy
Lftndbt (author)  l8nite6 years ago
It may be an old I'ble, but I still read all my comments. Yes, I would normally use 2 part epoxy or polymer clay. Thanks for your comment.
Spectrace6 years ago
sort of like your last picture, its a great way to hide an extra key outside your home in case you either locked it inside or in your car etc. just dont leave a hole for a key chain/dont put a key chain and stick the key into the ground sideways as to look like a pebble sitting there
It would be fine to use the key he used as out-door decoration. Maybe I'm the only one, so far, to notice that it's just a blank.
Lftndbt (author)  Spectrace6 years ago
Yes, what did happen to those manufacturers? We lost them in AU. I think that is a tops idea....
augur456 years ago
Why not just use two-part epoxy putty? No sealer required. Paintable. Bonus is that it can be sculpted like clay. Gargoyle head keys anyone?
Lftndbt (author)  augur456 years ago
yes putty is an option, yet I prefer the look of cement.
dchall86 years ago
Most hobbiests use concrete products and call them cement. You are really using a bag of cement. This is one sold at Lowe's. Ten pounds is about $7.
Lftndbt (author)  dchall86 years ago
I would still use a binding additive to that grade cement. If you don't, it will just crack away with any damage through impacts.
KentsOkay6 years ago
Hehe, this is awesome: "Gimme yo keez!" "Umm sure, catch" "Ouch!"
Lftndbt (author)  KentsOkay6 years ago
Yes indeed, a face full of concrete keys would suck.
Anti auto theft device :D
dchall86 years ago
Can you be more specific about the material you used? What brand and where do you buy it? Is it a 100 pound bag or do you use something else? You use the term cement and later concrete. In construction Portland cement is the product used to solidify water, sand, and rocks into concrete. But cement is also used for various glues. So I'm confused as to what you used. I suppose epoxy putty would work, too.
Lftndbt (author)  dchall86 years ago
You and I both know what we are talking about. Concrete is just a catchier title than cement. I would advise you use general Portland cement with an additive to help bind it or a a premade high strength patching cement..