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A concrete lamp from a measuring cup...

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Hi! For this one you need a plastic measuring cup, textile cable, a toggle switch an E27 plastic socket, a bulb, soldering iron and some tools. Mark and make a 30mm hole on the bottom of the cup to attach the bulb, using a soldering iron. Also make two holes (cord and switch) with a reamer on the sides.

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Prepare and connect cables to the switch. Then insulate them with electrical tape and black industrial adhesive or something similar. Be careful with water and electricity! Insulate as good as possible!

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Wrap everything with electrical tape (I recommend 3M products) and add more black adhesive if necessary. Then let it dry.

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Make a hole on the socket and connect wires, then assemble the parts of the socket and add a few drops of super glue so water wont penetrate inside it.

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Temporarily secure socket with the bulb and a spacer, the switch with the provided washer and nut and the cable. I usually use a furniture rubber pad to attach the cable and keep it in place while making and also to protect it from bending afterwards.

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Fill it and wait for about 24h.

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Cut and carefully remove cup. Use a soldering iron to cut it. Firstly, remove bulb, spacer and the nut from the switch.

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Wet sand bottom with 150 grit waterproof sandpaper and with 600 grit the body if you like. It all depends on the look and finish you want to achieve. Also trim the bottom's edge. Attach washer and nut to the switch.

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Attach the plug and pads.

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Finally the bulb. You can use a led filament bulb or something more special like these led string/fairy/starry bulbs available on e-marketplaces.

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4Dmrod (author)2017-12-27

Any need to treat the inside of vessel?? Or does it come out fairly clean...with some elbow grease Im sure. So doing this. Thanks for the push!

Stamatis K (author)4Dmrod2017-12-27

To be honest, I never tried that!

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