Concrete Leaf Casting - Small Gunnera Leaf Cast





Introduction: Concrete Leaf Casting - Small Gunnera Leaf Cast

Concrete Leaf Casting - Small Gunnera Leaf Cast.

Making a concrete leaf cast from a small gunnera leaf. Using concrete mixed with two parts sand to one part cement, along with nylon fibres or polyfibres, concrete bonder and washing up liquid/dish-soap.

The definition and detail in the gunnera leaf will yield happy and surprising results. The concrete casted leaf in this video will be used to make a latex mold to create further casts of the model, or original.



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    Can I mix portland cement with play sand and use burnt rice coal stove ash as the aggregate? I want to do leaf castings with the mixture and am understanding the ratio to be 1:2:3 and add water. Your response is greatly appreciated

    Hi there! Sorry for the late response. I don't use this website very often as they have stopped standalone videos being posted to this website. I use play sand with Portland cement, but when making the leaves, I mix in nylon or polyfibres in place of traditional aggregate, so you can have a mix which is easier to use with this application. Hope this helps. :)

    Thank you very much. I was happy with this one and will certainly do more gunnera casts. :)