Introduction: Concrete Leaf Painting - Autumn Flame Style

Concrete Leaf Painting - Autumn Flame Style.

Painting a concrete casted leaf in an 'Autumn flame' style. How to paint an 'Autumn flame' concrete cast leaf using acrylic paint with dry-brush effect and technique. Colours used: red, orange, yellow, white and black.

This video is part of an ongoing series of varying painting styles for concrete cast leaves.


CDPeters (author)2016-10-30

Thanks for the vid! I've had a few concrete leaves lying around waiting for inspiration and this was just what I needed to start! Anyways, do you coat you leaves with any clear coat after the painting?

Dramamask (author)CDPeters2016-10-30

That's a really nice thing to say and thank you! I look forward to seeing your leaves. :) I used to varnish my leaves, but I don't put any clear coat on these days and leave the acrylic paint as the finish. I prefer that finish and is ok for indoors, although acrylic paint is pretty durable. I would give a customer the option whether they would want a clear coat. If there was a true matt varnish or lacquer, I would use it, but the matt varnish/lacquers on the market, all seem to have a gloss or sheen, or the products I have used, at least.

CDPeters made it! (author)Dramamask2016-10-30

Thanks for the response, mine turned out fairly dark. I think i'm going to try your natural coloring instructions next!!

THanks AGain!

Dramamask (author)CDPeters2016-10-30

They look great and I like the natural colouring! :) I have more painting videos on my YouTube channel and will be posting more of them here. Just started on a gunnera leaf, so will post that up too, along with more as time goes by. :)

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