Step 7: Mount it on the wall

Picture of Mount it on the wall
Now that you have this killer Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook, it's time to mount it into the wall. The steps here are fairly simple.

1) Find the stud. This wants a wood stud in the wall. There are multiple ways to find a wood stud, I'm using a cheapie stud finder.

2) Drill the hole. Using a 1/4" drill bit, drill a hole 1.5" deep into the wall.

3) Screw it in. The hole is big enough that you can can screw it in, but the bite is good enough that it can hold just about anything you want to hang off it. Heavy overcoats, small children, whatever strikes your fancy.

4) Hang your hat. Or you could use it as a hat hook. It's all good.
qewt2 years ago
Love that sheen on the concrete!
Honda Enoch2 years ago
I might try this with an energy bulb for that twisted look. :)
catmanduud2 years ago
its cool but whats it for
See the last photo?
mganpate3 years ago
its very nice consept kindly share the pdf on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com
azharz3 years ago
Nice Instructable, and I have an idea for you why not mix it with poster colour so the concrete bulb have shiny colour.
teja80455 years ago
hey i have a doubt that cement won't gets harder if there is no air how can we get it ?????can u reply me plz....................
The cement doesn't need air to dry!
I've attempted this 3 times now and every time I try it, the cement is never hardened. I crack open the bulb and the cement is not cured. What is the problem. Is there no air getting to it?
concrete takes 1-2 days to set. industry standard for aplying a working load is 7 days for quick set and 28 day for normal concrete.
I believe the amount of water you use, type of cement, and humidity of where you are all determine how fast it sets. I know there is a quick-set cement that my pool guy used to install a rail in Phoenix that set super quick in the dry air. They said it takes a lot longer to set up in Cali because it is more humid. Maybe try a quick set, don't use too much water, and wait longer if it is humid.
rodrique4 years ago
i'll try it, i'll use some old bathroom light fixtures to....just mount them at the front entry and screw in five bulbs...good for coat-rack

on the setting of concrete.....if bulb is clean,,,including no soap, should be no problem, colord concrete could be used,
mixing yr concrete with fine sand thet is rough cracked rather than round aggregate gives better bond, a small amount of Elmers carpentry glue, acts as a bonding agent......all concrete bonding agents are take-offs on this stuff.
the dryer the mix, the harder the set...thet is, the water cement ratio.
i'd make it pourable, with some Elmers for elasticity. and use a squeeze bag...like cake decorators do.
now if yr placing a lag screw, it will not stay in place with too wet a concrete..
i would gently tapp the sides , and bottem of the bulb....vibration lets the air out, also brings water to top....because fines settle.
then i would take a blastic bottle cap.punch a starter hole in the centre, screw in the lag bolt, and work it down, tapping the bulb....it should fit right flush, wipe off excess and let set.........portland cement takes 28 days to set....but it will always draw moisture....because it is a fired calcium based material....it never quits setting...the original portlands found in ancient diggings still is working.
i recommend using a sealer too''''i do this often, or a clear epoxy.
because it is one of the most mis-understod health hazards around.
sitting on cement, even walking on untreated floors....and living in cement base-ments thet have not been sealed, will draw the moisture and life force from the body....breathing in cement dust too is not right....but use gloves, the advice on glass breaking using heat sounds ok....but why not try hot water, boiling--then cold....i have not yet....i wish you well
it's too cold 4 me right now....gotta let this one wait
Nice doorknob too.
terribug5 years ago
I wonder if you could use burned-out bulbs?  Have you tried that?
jonnhye6 years ago
pffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!estaria mejor hecho si le pones un led dentro!!!!!!!!
sanidpv6 years ago
time consuming project , but it is nice
amg12936 years ago
WoW i´m definitly going to make one
ferdemci6 years ago
wow this is amazing!!!
charlynorte6 years ago
Muy bueno
karpoff6 years ago
OMG amazing!!!
Just a thought, quicker way to remove glass. blow torch, gently heat but not too long. Bucket of cold water... Shouldn't crack the cement as long as you don't heat it too long. glass should shatter quite nicely though.
SLJ776 years ago
Maybe a piping bag would work to get the mortar into the bulb. Also wrapping the set bulb with a piece of cloth and tapping it on a concrete floor (like cracking a boiled egg) would reduce the danger of glass flying. The cloth and glass can then be wrapped for safe disposal.
Great instructable. Functional, and unique. One thought: could the mortar be mixed in a zipper bag, then dispensed likewise? Think deviled eggs ala Ziploc, or piping icing. So long as the lack of oxygen in the bag wouldn't have an effect on the mixture's reaction. Just a thought.
Obediah6 years ago
Great idea, using a light bulb as a mold. What about Plaster of Paris? or Great Stuff Foam? I wonder how those would do?
john52477 years ago
I have some white cement I used on a glass brick wall - I hope to get a white porcelain effect. I can get clear bulbs here in the UK - cuts out the powder cleaning bit. I'm thinking the white cement or plaster could be coloured or painted. THenks for a great idea and project. Also, I can think of lots of hollow lightbulb things now. Ship in a light bulb? Big white LED, battery in the screwcap. Unscrew the bulb in front of your freind and the light will stay on in your hand!! You might want to leave the white powder in to hide the LED and make sure there a big blob of glue where the solder main power connect used to be!
osgeld7 years ago
what if you used a porcelain socket screwed to your wall, a hole in the middle for the lag bolt, and a washer and whatnot
sir_h_c7 years ago
how about using the smaller flame shape bulbs and smaller bolts? maybe flame bulbs with a standard base?
How about going to the craft supply store and getting small glass "jewels" to add to the mix?
JonG7 years ago
Awesome, good job!
Soupraok7 years ago
You should try to do this on a compact fluorescent
This link will show you how to take it apart, but be careful they contain mercury
camb007 years ago
im going to put 1 in my roof lol how ironic
roxy7 years ago
OMG this is like sooo awesome like who thinks of these things it's like sooooo GREAT good job
AutomagV8 years ago
Oh man this is freaking awesome! I imagine spending upwards of $50 on something similar in a boutique store. You have inspired me to take on this project myself. Thank you so much!