Concrete Ramp




Introduction: Concrete Ramp

My parents wanted a ramp to wheel grandma into the house... Who am I to refuse? Strong Durable & cheap!
Almost forgot to put in the reinforcements (metal mesh in this case), But that's important to so the concrete won't crack. Two years going strong!!!!
Wax Paper was layed underneat to make it movable in case later on it is decided the house is to be sold, or to be used elsewhere. Cardboard with wax paper on the cement side for the forms, & put some wire mesh inside which I forgot to take a picture of. After the neighbors son helped me mix the cement & scoop it onto the porch, I brushed it with a broom.
A special thanks to the neighbor's son Kaleb for helping me out with this, the birch today & two other projects today. (um... probably the fence & the gate, which helped & then his mum was so proud she brought out chocolate milk & that was it for the help - which was too bad because he finally understood what he was doing & actually at the point of being helpful!!!!)
Last picture is two years later that I took yesterday... See, still going strong, still has the texture... corner broke off -dunno, & I'm sure not having wire mesh at that area had a roll in it.



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