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Another concrete lamp, one of my favorites. It will take you less than 30' to make one!
Let's see how...

Step 1:

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Parts you need:

A plastic food box, a complete cord (with switch and plug), an E27 socket, two socket rings and a rubber protective furniture pad.

Step 2:

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Tools you need:

Rubber to metal adhesive (I mostly use the 3M Industrial Adhesive), vinyl electrical tape, super glue, a screwdriver, a modelling knife, a reamer, a marker and a soldering iron.

Step 3:

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Mark and cut with the soldering iron a hole about 40mm for the socket, then trim the hole with the modeller's knife.

Step 4:

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Make a 14mm hole for the cord.

Step 5:

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Make a hole at the side of the socket for the wires.

Step 6:

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Before assembling socket dont forget to install the rubber pad which will protect the cable from bending.

Step 7:

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Socket assembled and insulated with super glue. The ring also was glued.

Step 8:

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Cover the holes of the ring with electrical tape.

Step 9:

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Double check you have applied electrical tape to every hole and super glue between upper and lower socket part.

Step 10:

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Put all parts together. Rings will keep the socket in place and pad will secure the cord.

Step 11:

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This is how it should look.

Step 12:

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Fill with concrete and let it cure for 24h.

Step 13:

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Then cut mold with the soldering iron.

Step 14:

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Let it dry properly.

Step 15:

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Wet-sand the bottom with 150 grit sandpaper.

Step 16:

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Apply self adhesive pads and trim the edge.

Step 17:

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Fine wet-sand it with 800 grit sandpaper and replace the plastic ring with a metal plated one if you like.

Step 18:

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Now your lamp is ready.

Step 19:

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I use a blue led string bulb and I love it!

Step 20:

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HjoacoM (author)2017-12-23

Excellent, clean and simple.
What is the name of the lamp??

Stamatis K (author)HjoacoM2017-12-23

Hi. Please google "starry led string bulb". It think this is.

halciber (author)2017-12-21

Nice project, and a well done Instructable. Thank you.

Amit_Jain (author)2017-12-16

nice idea

Stamatis K (author)Amit_Jain2017-12-17

Thanks :-)

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Bio: Just making concrete lamps as a hobby...
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