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Introduction: Concrete Television

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How to make a television from concrete, with an unorthodox way of encasting.

Step 1: Get an Old Tv.

Take an old tv apart, take only the internals.

Measure the dimensions, and make from nettings a square shape of the tv.

Make a mold for one side of the square tv. This mold will be reused for all the other sides.

The front of the tv, needs a hole for the screen, this is made by 4 extra pieces of wood on the mold;

Two extra holes on the front are for the ir blaster and the on/off switch. These are made with nuts.

The frame, made of nettigns goes in to the mold and concrete is poured on top.

When the concrete is still liquid, you have to put 4 pieces of wood in the corners of the hole for the screen. They will stay there when because of the concrete.

Later you will be able to screw the television screen in to the wood, so it stays in place.

Step 2: Casting

The left, upper and under side are the same; the sides are completely solid.

The right side has a hole for the speaker. This is made by taping a plastic cup to the mold. that leaves a whole when you strip the mold.

Step 3: Combine

Put the internals of the old tv, in to the concrete casing. You can screw it to the 4 pieces of wood, that were placed in step one.

Everything should be finished except for the back.

The tv needs air to cool, so you have to make air holes.

The air holes are goign to spell tv on the back side.

When you make the letters, you have to put them on the mold in mirror, so it will be readeble on the television.

The two holes for the powercable and antenna cable are made with nuts.

This is the only step where you first pour concrete in the mold and then the television.

Step 4: Finished

When the concrete is dry, you can strip the mold and your concrete television is finished.



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    how do you hold up the "netting" so it is does not just sink to the bottom in the mould and then be visible from the outside?

    this is too good. thank you!

    that will last forever :-)

    Very cool, next time maybe Solid concret so no one runs off with it XD

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Concrete and
    casting contest! Best of luck to you!

    Very clever my friend in concept and presentation

    Aha you wanted to bring back the heavy oversized tv's?