Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove

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With a little creativity and a lot of recycled materials, you can make this Tiki Rocket Stove for under $40.

A rocket stove is an efficient cook stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney which ensures complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface. (Taken from Wikipedia)

The Tiki rocket stove came from the idea of combining a Tiki torch with a stone statue for a one of a kind back yard garden stove. It features a metal combustion chamber, deep charcoal concrete mass with a Volcano rock cooktop (of course).

Materials List:
Plastic bucket from local bakery - $1
1 Empty soup can – Free
1 Eight inch scrap metal tube –Free
2 Plastic paper roll end caps from sign shop – Free
1 9 x 12 wood board  1 ½ thick – Free
1 Counter top board – Free from estate sale
1 Bag CHENG Outdoor Pro Formula Mix Charcoal color - $30
1 Bag Volcano rock – Free leftover from gas fireplace insert
2 Bags (120 lbs) of  concrete mix - $8
20 Drywall screws
1 Roll Duct Tape
1 Gallon of water

Table saw
Jig saw
Tin snips
Pry Bar
Wheel Barrow
Rubber Gloves are a Must (your hands will thank you!)
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Step 1: Step 1: Create Tiki Face - nose and forehead form:

Picture of Step 1: Create Tiki Face - nose and forehead form:
Tiki Step_2a.JPG
• On the front of the bucket, measure 2 to 3 inches from the top and draw the nose and brow to use as a guide.

• Use the soup can to locate the opening for the mouth and draw this to illustrate the face.
mikeandre11 months ago
This is really neat. I will try to scale this up a bit so I can use 6 inch stove pipe. I'll let you know how it goes.
TRexGraphx (author)  mikeandre11 months ago
I like that idea. I'm finding the three inch pipe works but think it could be better with more room. Just keep your mass around it thick to keep heat in. T

How large a bucket is this? I'm thinking about a 4 gallon? I have some kitty litter buckets from a friend that I would be ok to sacrifice to the Tiki god. (sorry, couldn't resist.) They could then go in the recycle bin.

I'm guessing a cast iron pan on top would work well. I have a lid for mine so could do some thin crust/flatbread pizza, quesadillas, etc.

Crushed glass instead of the rock would look cool on top. You can buy 'beach' glass at the craft store so it doesn't have sharp edges.

I also have a 'collection' of rocks from digging up the lawn to make a garden. That would be a fun way to use the prettier ones.

Hi. Really enjoyed reading about your project! I made a tiki burner myself some years ago. Got into rocketstoves after that, pizza ovens and now Rumford fireplaces. Check them out, maybe you can come up with a funky design for these awesome and superior fireplaces. Cheers, Thijs

poofrabbit10 months ago
Just wanted to say congratulations on being a finalists in the Concrete & Casting Contest! This was a fantastic instructable love the materials you used and felt I could make this myself! Good luck! :)
racoontnn11 months ago
Very funny character, is put on a flower bed at the cottage
write2kerry11 months ago
LOVE this! Did you remove the top end cap? I would think the heat would melt the plastic if left in.
TRexGraphx (author)  write2kerry11 months ago
Yes, the end caps come out.
sg.11 months ago
Rubbing the inside of the bucket with petroleum jelly (something I learned in sculpture classes) might have made it possible to remove the concrete without destroying the bucket. This doesn't always work, and sometimes breaking the suction destroys the mold anyway, but it's always worth a try.
TRexGraphx (author)  sg.11 months ago
Thanks for the tip. Sounds messy. I think the end caps made it so hard to remove.
derte8411 months ago
I love the design of it!
Spokehedz11 months ago
Have you done any tests to see how hot it gets up to? This would be great fun to use to cook small bits of meat or fish on--sort of like a fondue only with fire!
viviane.leite11 months ago
Really love it!

And it seems so easy with your instructions.

Thanks for sharing it! =)
myrrhmaid11 months ago
Thanks for the inspiration! Definitely on the want to do list!
poofrabbit11 months ago
Great idea!
amazing Alex11 months ago
Tiki tiki
Ps I even have a comic series for tikis I'm tiki man the god of all tikis
Orngrimm11 months ago
The smoking head is the best! :))
darman1211 months ago
That is so neat! I love how you can use it as a stove. I enjoyed the sketches.
TRexGraphx (author)  darman1211 months ago
This was my 1st instructable, glad you liked it. Peace.
Nice, and it was featured!
zap199811 months ago
Very cool concept and execution.
TRexGraphx (author)  zap199811 months ago