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This video shows the working process and how I make my concrete art...

Step 1: Concrete Art

A short video detailing how I make my concrete art pieces....


mizantropic (author)2015-10-10

art si about many things, one of them is truth. computer aided art seems less true.

timmg08 (author)2015-10-05

I believe she said the mold was a Tupperware container.

timmg08 (author)timmg082015-10-05

sorry I was on the wrong page.

iamjustme (author)2015-10-01

It looks really good but you need to explain how you did it. What did you use to make a mold? where/how did you machine the mold etc.

I really like the idea and would like to try it out but have no idea how to start.

CrazyClever (author)2015-09-25

How did you make the mold? Did you use your CAD files to take advantage of CNC equipment?

dezinger (author)2015-09-20

More self promotion than instructions.

Artrage (author)dezinger2015-09-20

Hi Dezinger, thanks for your comment - it's my first instructable write up so I'll see if I can add more specifics to the instructions.

Josiejojo2015 (author)2015-09-17

This is beautiful work! Can't believe it's concrete! Well done

Artrage (author)Josiejojo20152015-09-17

Thanks for your kind words

tomatoskins (author)2015-09-17

That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

Artrage (author)tomatoskins2015-09-17

Thanks - I hope the video helps people start making concrete art!!

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Bio: David Undery - concrete artist for 18 years.
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