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Introduction: Concrete Art

About: David Undery - concrete artist for 18 years.

This video shows the working process and how I make my concrete art...

Step 1: Concrete Art

A short video detailing how I make my concrete art pieces....



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    art si about many things, one of them is truth. computer aided art seems less true.

    I believe she said the mold was a Tupperware container.

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    sorry I was on the wrong page.

    It looks really good but you need to explain how you did it. What did you use to make a mold? where/how did you machine the mold etc.

    I really like the idea and would like to try it out but have no idea how to start.

    How did you make the mold? Did you use your CAD files to take advantage of CNC equipment?

    Hi Dezinger, thanks for your comment - it's my first instructable write up so I'll see if I can add more specifics to the instructions.

    Thanks for your kind words

    That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

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    Thanks - I hope the video helps people start making concrete art!!