Concrete Guitar Stand





Introduction: Concrete Guitar Stand

A guitar stand made primarily from concrete. It was the result of a concrete workshop at my school. The concrete embraces the guitar with a protective foam-padding.
The mould was done by hand using mdf-wood.
It's a heavy beast however, and I would've liked to do a slimmer model, but was unsure how thin it could be done without compromising the structural integrity. I'm considering doing a new design using wood and a CNC milling process instead. An illustrated Instructable is on the way.



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    I work at a concrete laboratory man! silicafume makes concrete strong!! I had attained an initial setting strength of over 85 MPa!!! by mixing it with regular cement!! and for the mold you can use a demolding agent some used cars oil and fuel ... we use a special product more eco friendly

    this looks fantastic. i do believe i am going to steal this idea, but use wood as a medium, if that is ok with you.

    Thanks. I think a wood version would be very cool, so steal away :) actually, somewhere in the comments I've shared my thoughts with a quick sketch on how a wooden version could be made.
    Feel free to share some pictures if you do make a stand in wood :)

    Here is one that I made which was based on your idea but instead of making it out of concrete, I carved it out of a piece of Oamaru stone.


    very very cool. thanks for crediting the original
    I teach material science at my high school and we make guitars. I've been looking for a good concrete project for a while and now I think I've found it. BTW--I like the idea of a black lining like in the original.

    Beautiful work.

    loving the guitar, what is it?

    What I should have first is thanks Flark for sharing your awesome idea with us :)

    It's a Gibson LP Studio (worn brown) , I put different knobs on and got rid of the pickup covers.

    Do you think that the stand would look a bit better with black fabric instead of the grey?

    If you want to make it lighter, you could make it from papercrete. Instead of using stone and sand, you use liquefied paper with cement as a hardener. I would keep the same thickness to start, but after drying it would be much lighter. Search papercrete for more info. If you make a form you could reinforce the form with copper wire and copper mesh. Copper is much more expensive nowadays but the reason for not using steel mesh is to prevent rust. Probably fiberglass fabric with the papercrete matrix would work in this application, too.

    Could also use any one of the many plant-based aggregates. Hemp-crete springs to mind. Could also use polystyrene balls, and add in some form of synthetic fabric for strength, such as nylon weave, a shredded sports bag would do.

    Concrete eats soft metals like copper and brass!