Picture of Concrete pond
The idea of building a pond never got through my mind because I thought much of space was needed (which is the case for bigger one but not small ones).  So when my parents decided that it was time for us to do renovation both in the house and the yard, I began exploring the internet, magazines and other sources for ideas on different kinds of things for indoors and outdoors to make our life simpler and to have more space.  This is where I found a website where a company who specialises in building water features had displayed their creation but also included pictures and videos on the progress when building them and this is where my idea came from. 

this is the website which specialises in water features.

Step 1: Research and Plan

Depending on your budget, the place where you live, availability of materials, laws and any other things that might hinder the progress please make sure you plan everything FIRST then act because I was so overwhelm with all these beautiful ponds that I wanted one over night so I didn't pay attention to anything and grabbed everything that I could lay my hands on to just build one and made lots of mistakes.

Here are my mistakes and do learn from them instead of repeating them.

The first picture shows how my front yard was in such a mess which is why I choose this area in the first place.The rest of the pictures show my progress from cleaning the area to digging and finally making the pond (well sort of).

i cant wait to see it u could find some backers and start building the for a living
Chamburn (author)  darkmickey4202 years ago
Nope I want to take my own money to make the necessary as we tend to think twice before spending and also for building as a living it would be best to take a course so that quality work is done and also to become certified for that too.
Very nice i am impressed version 2 from version one very drastic improvment 3 cheers good job
Chamburn (author)  darkmickey4202 years ago
yes I know but it is still not complete yet, but when I get enough time and money I will add the additions to it.
fawzi2 years ago
good work dear, you must check your level of PH in water because you use concrete to build your pond, also you need to put a good filtration for your pond as it is outside and your can have comet and koi in your pond.

btw i am also from Mauritius and love pond and koi fish
Chamburn (author)  fawzi2 years ago
thanks for the support, the filtration system would be install when I have time and also the pond is empty now as willing to get some plants and fishes first, then will decide on the next step.
jawasan2 years ago
Very nice...I especially like the stepping stones having that cantilever/floating look.
Great work man!
Chamburn (author)  jawasan2 years ago
thanks man really appreciate it. In the future will try to build better versions and post them.