Hello People!! I used some empty bottles of milk and some concrete that was left, and i made this lampshade!

I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

For this project i used

1. two empty bottles o f milk (one big and one smaller one),

2. a lamp

3. some concrete with water and sand

4. a wire

5. one smallpiece of 5 cm polysterine.

Step 2: Making the Mold

For the mold, i used the two empty bottles of milk.

First of all , i cut the bottoms of them both.

Then I tried to put the one inside the other, so there will be a gap about 2 to 3 cm everywhere.

I used plastic bottles of the same company, so the shapes of the big and the small bottle are almost the same.

After that, i mixed the concrete with water and sand, and put the mixture inside my mold.

I left the concrete there for one day, in order to be strong enough, so i could cut the plastic bottles.

Step 3: Put Some Light

After the mixture was strong enough, i removed the two bottles and i made a hole in the back of lampshade as shown in the picture.

After that i put the wire through the hole, and attached it to the lamp.

In order to keep the lamp stable inside the concrete lampshade, i attached to it a piece of polysterine as you can see.

Step 4: Hang It!!

After that the lampshade is ready, the next step is to choose some nice place that you need light and hang it

<p>How heavy is this lamp? I'd be concerned about the hanging weight as well as the sheer mass of it hanging where someone could bash into it.</p><p>BTW, I've seen some DIY concrete projects where the person mixed in vermiculite to decrease the weight. I think it was for some decorative lawn features (faux watering troughs or something) that you could still lift and move after casting them.</p><p>I like your idea a lot.</p>
<p>The lamp should be around 2 to 3 kgs, the hanging weight is ok, </p><p>but if someone hits it, it would hurt definitely!! But this could happen with other lamps too! I don't see any big problem with the weight in this size of project, but for some bigger lamps this would be considered as a problem for sure. </p><p>The solution with the vermiculite sounds good, you could also use some lightweight concrete, or some tiny foam balls into the mold.</p><p>Thank you for the comment, i am glad you liked it.</p>

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