Introduction: Condensed Almond Milk

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Dairy free is an option, and most of the times it is more expensive or not readily available but DIY always works.

2 cups of almond milk
2/3 cups of sugar or honey as I used
1 tsp of vanilla
1 dash of salt

Step 1: Ingredients Check, Heat Milk

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2 cups of almond milk
2/3 cups of honey 
1 tsp of vanilla
1 dash of salt

Grease a sauce pan with a brush and oil and add the milk.  Heat to 120F.

Step 2: Add the Sweetener and Reduce Heat

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Once the mixture is hot enough, add the sugar or alternative sweetner, vanilla, and salt and allow to boil while stirring.

Once it reaches a boil, you want to reduce the flame to a simmer, at the lowest setting.

Heat for approximately 1 hour and stirring every 15 minutes. 

Let cool.  

Step 3: Transfer to Jar

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Transfer the mixture to a jar, and refrigerate.  USE and ENJOY!


davelane24 (author)2013-04-18

Did you use unsweetened almond milk? I look forward to trying this!!

sandrajhodge (author)davelane242016-07-19

I used it to make homemade Irish Cream. You can use standard milk, but this adds more flavour. I usually make a big batch and add some espresso and chocolate to it to make a rich syrup. Then to make the Irish Cream, I just add whiskey, more almond milk and some vanilla extract. It works just as well with soy too so I imagine that you could easily condense coconut milk as well.

Oh, I also it sweetened, but I'm sure you could do unsweetened as well if you're watching calories.

atepinkrose (author)davelane242013-04-20

I actually made unsweetened almond milk, but it shouldn't make a difference in the end result...only flavor.

SarahS24 (author)2015-06-29

How many ml approx does this make?

susanna.brennan (author)2015-02-02

I wonder if coconut milk would work with this recipe? I would like to try to make key lime pie with this.

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