Condom Ecosphere





Introduction: Condom Ecosphere

Create the circle of life... in a condom! This ecosphere, similar to ones developed by NASA, will last a reasonable amount of time if left in indirect sunlight during the day. Very fun and maintenance free. Fishtank and focal point of desk!


Condom Ecosphere Vid
Click play to watch. Thanks all, took a lot of work.

Step 1: Watch Video.

Start off by opening and cleaning condom with water. The thinner the condom, the more easy to see through, but the weaker.

Step 2: Pour Gravel, Plants, and Snails

Pour your gravel, your plants, and your snails into the condom wit water. Use a funnel or make one out of a bottle (as shown in video). Be gentle as this is when you are most likely to pop the condom.

Step 3: Add Fish

Add your fish. I like to use neon tetras because they are small and won't eat the adult snails.
Make sure to hold the lip of the condom, as it will want to lose grip as it fills with water.

Step 4: Tie Knot

Now tie a knot in your condom, like always when finished!



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    You cannot keep fish in an ecosphere. period. You cannot keep a fish in this. period.

    This is only a tutorial on how to inhumanely kill a fish. This will NOT work.


    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

    What a realization, so why don´t you just delete this stupid idea!!?!?!

    hahah now when the fish dies from pure lack of oxygen you can flush them both down the toilet... i could suggest putting sea monkeys into the condom... but it seems most of us already do... honestly, i put potatos in theis things cause they have a better seal around them when they fly out of the potato cannon! im serious!

    1 reply

    thats sad. but it says that the plant produces oxygen. still wondering about the food though, does it eat the plant? hmmm...

    i feel unconforble im goung to leave

    hang the condom with the top open and feed through it

    hahaha I'm studying to be a high school bio teacher and I think I just got an idea for a project. :P

    um well i think dat yah dat kewl but like idk kant u just go and get a taknk?

    those are uhhh... those are some mighty swimmers you put in that rubber

    hey i think if you use a magnum condom it wont break...... look at this test

    why did you do this if you put a warning saying DO Not Attempt?

    Nice, and what do the fishes eat ?

    I thought your little video and creation is wonderfully smart...

    dude! that is so hot!! wow! i would be worried about the fish a little......but i guess i could try it wit shrimp? i might try it though...looks cool

    Thats Awsome! I'll have 2 make 1

    Just to let you know unless you are performing water changes daily, in such a small volume of water, there is going to be a constant build up of nitrites, nitrates and ammonia. All three of which are either harmful or deadly to fishes systems. Also, the fish you have chosen, although small should not be kept in anything under five gallons. They're a schooling fish that is very active and needs more room. Sorry if I've discouraged you at all, just trying to keep you informed.