Picture of Magnum Condom LED Music Light
Sound Activated Condom Lights. Must see the video ending :)

Step 1: Supplies used,

Picture of Supplies used,
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2 Blue 5mm LED's 3.7 volt 2600mcd
2 5mm LED Holders
2 Condoms
Heat shrink wrap
Some thin gague wire. I used an old phone cord.

Clear Silicone
2 tops off a Gaterade bottle
Electrical Tape
Wire strippers
NoahArca6 years ago
Ha this is very creative! I'm really diggin the music you used too! Who is it by?
I dont want to break the news to you, but a friend made it for the guy, so you can't really get it.
DAMNNNN that sucks.
teeznutz7 years ago
compressed air is for wimps. why not use your mouth? come on, please? just this once?
MJTH teeznutz6 years ago
MJTH6 years ago
Maybe want to say Non Lubricated Condom?
That is sooo very err........ koooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WildSavage7 years ago
well my LED burned..
it worked and i volume my speaker up, the LED actually started to turn into red and burned. :(

but for the whole things, it works though.
Wave thro the LED- let it FLOW~
did you add a resistor to the LED ?
-Aj- erral6 years ago
am guessing not :P or speaker level was too high
it's an led safey!!!
geoffcubed7 years ago
To avoid any damage you could use fast switching relays. WIth relays you could also run larger lights...
but relays cause access noise, and they are slow
=SMART=7 years ago
Hahahahahahahahahahah ROFL
how do i connect the wires to my speakers?? faved and 5*
sumguysr7 years ago
there are two problems with this implementation, first is that an LED is a diode and audio signals are ac, so the audio that reaches the speakers would be rectified and you would only hear the top or the bottom of the sound waves, the second is a diode represents a constantly changing series impedance which would destroy the impedance matching between the speakers and the source, resulting in bad sound at best and equipment damage at worse.
What if you hooked just the LED to the Speaked output. Left channel music right channel Lights? Still the second greatest thing to use a condom for
Yes, I've seen many of these LED instructables, all running on A/C, I wonder if you could use your d/c powered iPOD instead. Just cut the headphone cord and install the led. If you want to hear the sound too, you can get a speaker set for a little bit of nothing on eBlah and do the same thing. Heck...This calls for a new instructable! Seeing as I dont own a iPOD (fighting the man, or some such), I wouldn't mind someone stealing my idea. Maybe it's already been done?
sumguysr viacin7 years ago
viacin your missing the point. The power that the source uses doesn't matter, it's the electricity coming out of the headphone port that does. Analog audio is always AC. I would think an LED would be even worse on an iPod actually since iPods output much less power than most stereos and I think(but don't know) that a constantly changing impedance mismatch would be much more noticeable on a pair of high impedance headphones(16 to 32 ohm) versus lower impedance(4 or 8 ohm) speakers. geof, it would probably work to use an led on just one channel with no speaker but you would have to add a fairly heavy duty resistance as well since most audio sources don't like playing into shorts. Also I would put 2 LEDs in parallel but with reverse polarity, so that the audio source didn't see any rectification.
MJTH7 years ago
Im Glad You didnt use your mouth to blow that up.
viacin MJTH7 years ago
lol, I was wondering!
viacin7 years ago
Tesla would be proud.
vpsekharan7 years ago
The circuits and building instructions are very intersting.
jesus u can do alot with condoms
fkuk7 years ago
dont you have a better use of condoms?
static7 years ago
I'm wondering at what point during normal condom use, one pauses to think; Wouldn't it be far out if I did this with a condom?
themolok7 years ago
F*cking Awesome!
andrew1017 years ago
oh and a better way to tell positive and negitive on the led isnt wich lead is longer (because not all are) look really closly at it its round but one side (at the base) is flat the flat side is negitive.
zzag andrew1017 years ago
The way I remember: "Cathy is short, flat, and negative." I.e. Negative leg is determined by: The cathode is the short wire and/or the flat of the bulb. (If your mind is as bad as mine, it's yours free of charge.) .
fishin4daze (author)  andrew1017 years ago
Thanks for adding the info.
rush_elixir7 years ago
can you please post the song here. Its fantastic. thanks nice instructable a plus for you dude.
pegassuss227 years ago
What is that song??? tnx
Macka7 years ago
lol, that looks awesome. Maybe now i'll have an excuse to buy condoms :D
Zujus7 years ago
Really cool, but still need more good quality photos to be perfect.;)
MrSootentai7 years ago
I love this video, and I actually want to do the project, but I'm still confused on the wiring. Can anyone draw a diagram or something for me?
gotclawz17 years ago
i really want to do this and i have the right speakers but im not sure what wire to hook it up to. note 1 wire goes to my comp, 1 goes to left speaker and 1 goes to the wall, so which one is it?
J_SCAP7 years ago
lol light up penises roflmao
itsME_lulu7 years ago
it's so cool but i'm lost...can u make it more specific on the info because i'm confused where to hook the wires to. please... thanks.
i dont see how that would work.....please explain? im not sure much power goes to the speakers......
Darthdoom7 years ago
Didn't work for me, work with any speaker?
fishin4daze (author)  Darthdoom7 years ago
I think you need to use amplified speakers, that also plug into the wall.
gotclawz17 years ago
it would even cooler if you used the textured condoms like the ribbed, or twisted pleasure
Dude you need to answer your comments...
fishin4daze (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
Sorry, My internet was down for a few days.
ahh.. ok thats kool
Austinbwood7 years ago
that is amazing. lmao. and surprisingly cool looking. how do they stay inflated? or am I missing something? but still. great idea.
fishin4daze (author)  Austinbwood7 years ago
I just made sure that it was an airtight seal. That's what I used the silicon for.
thats really _(oddly_) awesome!!!!! :-D
fishin4daze (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
Thanks!! I was kinda surprised the first time I tried it. :D
Kiteman7 years ago
We need a lot more detail on how you connect the LEDs to the speakers.
fishin4daze (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I will update this post. Thanks for asking.
andrew1017 years ago
this is awsome
fishin4daze (author)  andrew1017 years ago
Thanks, Glad you like it.
GitarGr87 years ago
Way to buy the magnums for the sake of the instructable, lol I think you're missing a step that shows how you attach the rubber to the LED
Watch the video !
fishin4daze (author)  Peter3D7 years ago
I agree, it's really cool. :D
fishin4daze (author)  GitarGr87 years ago
Hahah.. Actually, thats what I use, and I will update the post to add the last step. Thanks for the heads up.
Ushanka7 years ago
I'm confused. What wires in the speaker did you connect to the LEDs?
Peter3D Ushanka7 years ago
How much wires are there on a speaker ? How much wires are there on a LED ? See the comments of sumguysr !
fishin4daze (author)  Peter3D7 years ago
Two wires per speaker, an audio and a ground wire. Hook the audio hot wire onto the hot wire on the LED (Usually the longer leg of the LED), and hook the the negative to the ground wire. For the LED wire I used old an old phone cord for the wire, and added about 1 foot for the speakers.
fishin4daze (author)  Ushanka7 years ago
The LEDs are spliced into the audio wires to the speakers.
Very creative! I would use a small amplifier circut, then not only would they be brighter, you could use more of them. (Theres a nice compact headphone amp instructable floating around here somewhere.)
crapflinger7 years ago
not as impressive when the lights in the room are on
I can't wait for an "IUD Light party" version ...