Use the Power of a Condom to make one of the best pranks ever.With the help of a water bottle you can leave your victims wet. Watch this video to find out how. Narrated by "MEXI" the squirrel More�»
instead of a condom (im not 18 and my parents would freak out) could u use a water ballon or the finger of a clear elastic glove
hey ya same here im 14 so im not gona have sex yet so i got no condoms
Yeah you don't have to be 18 to buy them or be making nookey to get them. I don't even think stores can refuse to sell them to you.
You can't go to the pharmacy and buy some? Here in Argentina they sell them everywhere, and of course, to everyone :P You can even ask them for free in the local hospital, lol.
Eso si, pero de todos modos da verguenza... jajaja

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