Introduction: Condom+WaterBottle=Prank

Use the Power of a Condom to make one of the best pranks ever.With the help of a water bottle you can leave your victims wet. Watch this video to find out how. Narrated by "MEXI" the squirrel More�»


airsoftjunke (author)2009-04-27

instead of a condom (im not 18 and my parents would freak out) could u use a water ballon or the finger of a clear elastic glove

yowars (author)airsoftjunke2009-05-10

hey ya same here im 14 so im not gona have sex yet so i got no condoms

gorillailla202 (author)yowars2009-09-02

Yeah you don't have to be 18 to buy them or be making nookey to get them. I don't even think stores can refuse to sell them to you.

DriX (author)yowars2009-08-31

You can't go to the pharmacy and buy some? Here in Argentina they sell them everywhere, and of course, to everyone :P You can even ask them for free in the local hospital, lol.

Nextraker (author)DriX2009-08-31

Eso si, pero de todos modos da verguenza... jajaja

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