Step 5: Terminal End - Insert Terminal Into Housing

Next, insert the terminal into the housing by orienting the terminal with the open side facing the same side as the housing square holes. Push the terminal through until you hear a click as the third tab locks into the hole on the second row of the housing.

**Repeat steps 2-5 for each housing terminal position (In this example, there are three).**

Tip: To remove the terminal, simply use a pin, paper clip or some other small object to push the tab down. Then pull the terminal out. 
I need you genius peoples help<br/>Okay I need a soft mat that when you apply pressure it starts a timer that last two hours when time is up it beeps until pressure is relieved then when pressure is reapplied the two hours starts again and it runs on batteries<br/>Please help
Broken links to female connector websites
Very good idea and best of luck for Soft circuit contest.

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