Introduction: Conductive Thread Inside a Fabric Bias Tube Aka Tubes of Conductiveness

Picture of Conductive Thread Inside a Fabric Bias Tube Aka Tubes of Conductiveness

A method of attaching conductive thread to fabric.
Great application when you can't, or don't, want to sew the conductive threads into your garment.

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Step 1:

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Lay out fabric to cut bias strip.
Bias of the fabric will be 45 degrees to the selvedge edge.
Light weight sheer fabrics are best.

Step 2:

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Use a straight edge and a rotary blade to cut fabric on a 45 degree angle from selvedge edge of fabric.

Step 3:

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Sew conductive thread to one end of bias fabric strip.
Leave your thread tails as long as your fabric strip.

Step 4:

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With right sides together sew a straight stitch the length of the fabric strip.
The stitching line should be about 1/4 inch or less from the folded edge.
The conductive thread and long thread tails should be on the outside of the fabric.

Step 5:

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Thread a darning needle with the long thread tail and knot them to the needle.

Step 6:

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Feed the needle into the bias tube.

Step 7:

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Gently push the need thru the tube.

Step 8:

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Pull the needle thru the open end of the bias tube.

Step 9:

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As you pull the needle and thread thru the tube the fabric and conductive thread will follow resulting in the right side of the fabric comming out with the conductive thread inside.

sounds confusing but just gently pull and you'll see what I mean.
Think of snake coming out of it's hole.

Step 10:

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Finished Tube of Conductiveness!
A bias fabric tube with conductive thread inside.

TIme to go make something groovalicious......


amarks1009 (author)2009-07-11

Make your own continuous bias strips instead of sewing short strips of bias together. Instructions are readily available if you search for 'continuous bias strip' -- here's a sample:

VERY useful for projects like making your own piping for slipcovers!


gmjhowe (author)2008-11-07

Nice work again, my gf got a gadget that makes bias binding, would this work with the conductive thread also?

Lynne Bruning (author)gmjhowe2008-11-07

Yes! you can use bias binding. What you would do is place the conductive thread against the wrong side of the bias binding. Fold the binding with right sides out. Sew the conductive bias binding sandwich together. It will have a different look than the bias tubes. Options are the designer's candy store!

gmjhowe (author)Lynne Bruning2008-11-07

Options are the designer's candy store!
i will have to remember that one!

Lynne Bruning (author)gmjhowe2008-11-14

I was thinking..... You could actually place two conductive threads in a bias tape binding. One under each raw edge fold, fold the tape in half, stitch the tapeworm together. I'll go make an ible for you...... Thanks for the inspiration!

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