Step 9: Attach it to da bike

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Now, attach the tongue to your bike seat with another inner tube. Lash it tightly.
mattbomb5 years ago
dude now this is making use of what ya got. this is great man. awesome trailer design
SpaceRat8 years ago
Incredibly ingenius use of an old inner tube. Some folks would have gone to great lengths to come up with a nuts-and-bolts approach to attaching the tongue, whereas you have accomplished it quick, easy, and much faster. Well done!
I've not done much with innertube lashing, so I don't know how much friction it would provide for the hole here. I was thinking you might want to drill a hole 6" or so from the end of the wood (6" from the front), and put a nail (with the point filed/ground off) through it. You could bend a rounded 90 degree angle into it, so it could hook around your seatpost a bit. This might be a good idea (especially with heavier loads).
prank (author)  sleeping_gecko8 years ago
I've pulled ~300 pound loads with innertube lashings without a problem. Innertubes have so much friction that they can hold pieces together incredibly well. Just be sure to lash them tightly
That's quite a substantial load. I was seriously considering building one of these, but I'm in a dorm building on a college campus, and my spare bike parts are at home, so I don't have them with me and I have no place to store it.

And then, a few months ago, my bike got stolen. It was right after I put on the chrome fenders that I had brought back from the junk bike I bought in Japan when I was there, too. But other than that, it didn't have much worth left to it other than being an abusable college-student bike (front derailer=gone, rear derailer=3 or 4 gears, instead of 5, depending on its mood, rear brake=gone, a spoke or two on the rear wheel=gone, tires and most of the non-painted parts=crapped up and nasty from the better part of a year and a half of sitting outside through rain, snow, freezing cold, boiling heat).

I miss it though. I do a lot of walking now. I loved riding in snow last winter.