I wanted to make a cone shaped bead cap and figured a paper clip would be perfect for it!

Paper Clip
Pen (but you can use anything that you can wrap around to make a cone shape)

To Make Earrings or Pendant:
round nose pliers

Step 1: Unravel and Wrap

Open up the paper clip. You don't have to completely straighten it out. Take the paper clip and wrap it around the head of the pen. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the top portion of the pen where the ink comes out.
Really nice. I love jewelry making, but haven't learned wire wrapping yet.
Thanks! You'll love wire wrapping! I find making jewelry very relaxing. It's also a wonderful feeling when someone else is wearing a piece of jewelry you made :)
Thank You :)

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Bio: I started my own account after helping my boyfriend with a few of his own projects on instructables. I love making jewelry and paper mache ... More »
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