Introduction: Confetti Bomb Prank!

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Pull this one on your co-workers or fellow computer geeks! Very simple to do, but very effective.

Watch the video for the overview:

Step 1: Supplies

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The supply list for this prank is short and they are easy to find:

1. 35mm canister

They will give you these for free at Walgreens or most one hour film development labs.

The white ones with the tighter lids work better than the black ones.

2. Can of compressed air

Your common air duster - found at most offices. Used for blowing the dust out of computers and keybaords.

3. Some confetti

I bought some for a dollar to make it stand out more in the video, but those holes from the hole punch work great!

Step 2: Fill the Canister

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This part is simple - just turn the can of air upside down, and then spray a little of the liquid inside.

WARNING The liquid inside is extremely cold and extremely flammable. Caution is advised, especially when dealing with something that can both cause frostbite and severe burns.

Once the liquid is inside, quickly dump as much confetti inside as you can, without getting any in the way of the lid. (If the lid cannot close tightly, the pressure will not be able to build.)

Finally, close the lid tightly, set it next to your intended victim and then quickly walk away!

Step 3: Kaboom!

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Now comes the kaboom.

It will take anywhere from 5 seconds to a good minute to explode, depending on several factors.

If you spray a lot of liquid inside, it will take longer to evaporate and build up pressure.

If the ambient air temperature is high, the liquid inside will likely evaporate much faster.

For a bigger boom, turn the canister upside down and use more liquid. Stand clear of it if you do. The resulting explosion is pretty violent, especially for a little canister.

Watch the video again to see what I mean. I filmed that in my garage, where the ceiling is about 15 feet high. Listen to how fast the canister bounced off the ceiling and then the floor again.


PyroMonger (author)2008-02-03

i dont get it. how does this work?

bloke2022 (author)PyroMonger2009-09-03

the super-cool liquid is a gas, when it is sprayed in the canister it turns back to gas, causing the pressure to build untill...BOOM

PyroMonger (author)bloke20222009-09-04

I see. So it's naturally a gas at room temperature but liquid in the can until sprayed, so if it's sprayed into the canister as a liquid it will want to change back to a gas, hence building pressure and ultimately popping off the canister lid? Am I getting this right? anyone...?

bloke2022 (author)PyroMonger2009-09-04

you are totally getting the concept

paintboy360 (author)bloke20222010-03-12

Also the cold air expanding will create preasure. :D

bbobjoefred (author)2008-03-23

lol i almost got suspended from school

conrad2468 (author)bbobjoefred2008-10-11

LOL I made a dry ice bomb and got extra credit lol

squawker (author)conrad24682009-08-07


conrad2468 (author)squawker2009-08-07 was a bomb....but it went didnt technecally it was,but it didnt me and a friend picked it up and took the cap off (really really really stupid idea now that i think of it!) we had some SUPER CARBONATED WATER that stuff will BURN your mouth ha ha ha ha ha....

That happened to me too except it was a little embarrassing when like 5 people were watching expecting a giant boom and ending up with some really corbonated water.

milsorgen (author)natethegreat882009-12-25

 more ice, less water

natethegreat88 (author)milsorgen2009-12-26

Yeah except i only had a little bit of dry ice that i wasn't going to use for 1 bomb, but then overnight it all sublimated in the freezer.

squawker (author)natethegreat882009-08-31

Wahoo! Homestar.

natethegreat88 (author)squawker2009-08-31


squawker (author)natethegreat882009-08-31

Welcome to homestarrunner dot net
It's dot com
Oh right
Welcome to homestarrunner dot net, it's dot com

Ha ha ha but i had like 20 people watching!!!

Yeah that would be kinda sad. Although i did once "try" to make a diet coke a mentos bottle rocket, but instead it just burst and like drenched a person in diet coke. We were using gravel type stuff when we really needed a cement type parking lot to do it in.

squawker (author)conrad24682009-08-07

At my school the teachers will get angry at you for using ceiling darts. However, I didn't say anything about Virus's and computer pranks.

conrad2468 (author)squawker2009-08-08

Ha ha ha ha! Lol our teachers get mad @ ceiling darts too! I have to admit that I was kinda the teachers pet.......our "share" drive was full of .bat files cause I taught a few people how to prank!

squawker (author)conrad24682009-08-15

As if you'd teach them. Actually what I really love are "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!" simulators. I found the best one on this very site. :D

conrad2468 (author)squawker2009-08-15

Well i taught them with information i got from this sight =D

squawker (author)conrad24682009-08-17

K but you have to find this simulator its under one of the april fools day entries. type "prank" and you'll find it easily.

squawker (author)squawker2009-08-17

here it is.
second step.
under blue screen of death

jchar77 (author)bbobjoefred2009-01-31

That would be so cool to set it off near the teacher!!!! That would've made a huge boom! Great one!

jimmy bobb (author)bbobjoefred2008-07-11

for what

yeerk21 (author)jimmy bobb2008-12-10

for science..that what happend to me

sthealthraider (author)2009-04-22

D: i live in the netherlands and i cant find those spray dusters there!! OMFG?

Colonel88 (author)sthealthraider2009-10-03

the spray dusters are also used to clean computers and stuff like that.

coolz (author)2008-04-15

can you make it explode whenever you want

frag master (author)coolz2009-09-18

that might work if u put an ELECTRICAL CURRENT through it.

poser (author)2009-02-05

haha funny funny

gamer (author)2007-10-19

so cool man! i cannot believe that i didnt think of that before. great video explains the 2 steps in detail,lol. -gamer

DaNerd11 (author)gamer2008-03-02

This could be really dangerous (and pretty awesome) but what if someone put spikes in it. Also, do you think you could throw into into like a soft area without the cap popping off?

bwcbwc (author)DaNerd112008-07-11

Looks like it would scale up nicely with some tupperware or other sealable containers. With digital cameras, film canisters aren't as easy to come by anymore. Might be able to improve the resistance of the black film canister with a little glue around the rim. It won't have time to really dry, but it will make it a bit tighter.

DaNerd11 (author)bwcbwc2008-07-11

good idea, tupperware would probably work

bowmaster (author)2008-07-04

Wrap a bike inner tube around the sides so you can drop it.

jimmy bobb (author)bowmaster2008-07-11

its very hard to get inner tubes now ware do you get them

bwcbwc (author)jimmy bobb2008-07-11

Walmart, last I checked. This is a bike innertube, not an auto tire tube.

coolz (author)2008-04-27

well done! you deserve to be in this group:
unless that duster was $15

gdrox95 (author)2008-03-28

really kool awesome but the explosion is a bit small could you make it bigger by putting alot of compressed air in or not???

Joanassie (author)2008-03-24

I think if you could attach a handle, then you might have a confetti CANNON!

Cougar Mauler (author)2008-03-15

does it work?

presto is the best (author)2008-02-23

that looksawsome

im_tux (author)2008-02-22

great idea and good job

miols (author)2007-12-05

i cant find the cot sprayer whered u get?

Kid45 (author)2007-11-04

Very nice. I like all of your instructables, and your voice overs sound like some professional thing you'd see on a T.V commercial

dot12321 (author)2007-10-27

It would be cool to, instead of confetti, add flour or some other powder (COCAINE!! Just kidding.) to make a cloud of powder when it blows up..

jakee117 (author)2007-10-24

I luvs ur instructables nice voice over

rc jedi (author)2007-10-19

i worked in a office machine repair company. I used to spray the duster upside down on a stretched rubber band till it was good and frosty. It stays stretched till it warms, then wriggles around like a worm! I also used to "cool the coffee". If you left your cup unattended, I cooled it down! "man, my coffee is cold already"!

X_D_3_M_1 (author)2007-10-19

k now make one with a detonator timer

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