Confetti Cannon


Introduction: Confetti Cannon

Hey, guys! Here is how I hack a bottle and an old toy car into an awesome looking CONFETTI CANNON, it is very easy enyone can do it. It's a great party gadget to have. SO LETS GET STARTED...

Step 1: Things You Need:

- 1,5 l plastic bottle

- flexible cup ( optional)

- 2 wheels from an old toy car

- bamboo stick

- some Bluetack or Sugru

- pocket knife or scissors

- to power the cannon: bike pump/air compressor/vacuum cleaner with blow mode

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

First thing you gonna do is cut the bottle in to two pieces like shown ( you can remove the label if you want). The bigger piece with the cap will be the body of the cannon.

Step 3: Making the Wheels

Put some putty in to the holes of each wheel, this will make it stronger. Than push the bamboo stick in wheels, you should end up whit a nice little "weight".

Step 4: The Finish Product

Lets join the wheels and the body together with some putty. Unscrew the cap join a blowing device to the cannon, put some confetti or pieces of newspaper in it and SHOOT.

Thanks for cliking on my first insructables.



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    I recomend useing an air compressor with a special airtight cap that you can buy online ( if you like i can post some pictures with the bikepump version because my compressor is in service)