Step 5: XBee Arudino API


Now that the XBees are in API mode. We have to get the Arduino to also use the XBee API. Again, Adnrew has already done the heavy lifting for us. Download the Arduino API ZIP file from: http://code.google.com/p/xbee-arduino/

Extract and copy the XBee folder to ARDUINO_HOME/hardware/libraries or create a folder 'libraries', wherever you store your sketches, and unpack there. If you are upgrading from a previous version, be sure to delete XBee.o

Once installed I would suggest playing with the JAVA and Arduino API to make sure you can send and receive messages.  There are plenty of examples provided in both libraries. Assuming you have an arduino+xbee and an XBee connected to your computer, try setting up the following: ArduinoReceiveTest.java (Computer Side) and Series2_Tx.pde (Arduino Side).

For an an instructable that relies on the XBee API mode click here

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Step 4: XBee Java API <br>can you tell me why is this step needed?
C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\lib<br><br>C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\src\com\rapplogic\xbee\api\wpan<br>C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\src\com\rapplogic\xbee\api\zigbee<br><br>C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\src\com\rapplogic\xbee\examples\wpan<br>C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\src\com\rapplogic\xbee\examples\zigbee<br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>i'm trying to use netbeans. i added a project folder &quot;TestXBeeJavaAPI&quot;.<br><br>i added C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\lib to libraries and C:\dev\libs\java\xbee-api-0.9\src\ to source packages, but i get many red exclamation marks. any ideas?
I'm sorry, but will this work for series 1 as well? Thks =D
Yes! But you will have to use the following settings:<br>Modem: XB24<br>Function Set: XBEE 802.15.4 <br>Version 10E8 or higher

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