Picture of Connect A 16x2 LCD Display To An Arduino
Welcome to my FIRST instructable,

i will show you how to connect a 16x2 lcd display to an arduino,

follow these simple step by step instructions and you will have it done in no time :)
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Step 1: Gather All The Items You Need :)

Picture of Gather All The Items You Need :)
You Need The Following Items :

LCD Display 16x2
Jumper Wires
Header Pins
Electrical Tape ( White If Possible )

Tools Needed :

Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers
Soldering Iron
Flux ( Liquid Or Solid )
Soldering Iron Cleaner
Tape Dispenser ( Makes Life So Much Easier )
Small Side Cutters
Permanent Marker Pen

Step 2: Solder Header Pins To LCD Display

Picture of Solder Header Pins To LCD Display
We need to solder the header pins to the LCD display,

the header pins i have are 2.0mm and you need the 2.5mm pins to fit the LCD display,

so mine didn't fit because the were to close together, so i decided to cut my header pins into groups of 2,

after i cut them into groups of 2, i could put 1 group of 2 in 2 pins, 

when you insert them, turn the display over and apply a small amount of solder to each terminal,

ensuring that all the terminals are soldered,

they should all be the same length, not bent, loose or too short.
HafizA31 month ago

hello sir, i have done everything according to your given setup but lcd 's last 8 digits of both rows are not working

shanecoley (author)  HafizA31 month ago

HafizA3, hi there, sorry to hear you are having problems, have you copy and pasted the code exactly? if so can you also check your soldering connections as if there is a loose connection on one of the LCD pins then it could affect it, only thing i can reccomend is to upload the blink sketch to your arduino and then upload the code again to see if that sorts it? it may of gone wrong whilst uploading the first time, thanks

chromedragon2 months ago

This is a very CLEAN write-up! I am ordering LCDs to be used in a shed project of mine and I think your perfboard use is the cleanest I have seen yet!

pabell5 months ago

Great instructable, What is I wanted to display different information on lcd, would can this be accomplished using your model? with slight modification of code and pins?

shanecoley (author)  pabell5 months ago
TO CHANGE the text of the display, find the following values :

lcd.print(" **Text for line 1 of LCD**");

lcd.print(" **Text for line 2 of LCD**");

And then change the part that says :

**Text for line 1 of LCD**

**Text for line 2 of LCD**
pabell shanecoley5 months ago

Ok thanks, I figured that part. In your "added Extras" you have 2 LCD's what if I wanted to add different txt to each LCD? would it be be a simple matter of duplicating the code and renaming LCD. to lcd2 and changing the pin?

Amjadalbarail6 months ago

good job !