Picture of Connect A 16x2 LCD Display To An Arduino
Welcome to my FIRST instructable,

i will show you how to connect a 16x2 lcd display to an arduino,

follow these simple step by step instructions and you will have it done in no time :)
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Step 1: Gather All The Items You Need :)

Picture of Gather All The Items You Need :)
You Need The Following Items :

LCD Display 16x2
Jumper Wires
Header Pins
Electrical Tape ( White If Possible )

Tools Needed :

Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers
Soldering Iron
Flux ( Liquid Or Solid )
Soldering Iron Cleaner
Tape Dispenser ( Makes Life So Much Easier )
Small Side Cutters
Permanent Marker Pen

Step 2: Solder Header Pins To LCD Display

Picture of Solder Header Pins To LCD Display
We need to solder the header pins to the LCD display,

the header pins i have are 2.0mm and you need the 2.5mm pins to fit the LCD display,

so mine didn't fit because the were to close together, so i decided to cut my header pins into groups of 2,

after i cut them into groups of 2, i could put 1 group of 2 in 2 pins, 

when you insert them, turn the display over and apply a small amount of solder to each terminal,

ensuring that all the terminals are soldered,

they should all be the same length, not bent, loose or too short.

good job !