The method to add ANNKEcamera I61DQ to DT81Y security system

Two 1080p IP cameras can be added to DT81Y in the same network.

Step 1: Download Free ANNK Vision

You can search "ANNKE "Vision" in APP store or Google Play store, download it to your mobile phobe, register an account and log in;

Step 2: Connect I61DQ to Network

2.1 Click the APP icon to start ANNKE Vision;

2.2 Click “ + ” to Add device;

2.3 Scan the QR code on the device;

2.4 Select Wireless Connection after getting the Serial No;

2.5 Input Wi-Fi Password to connect;

2.6 Input a password to activate the device and remember the password;

2.7 Input the device Verification Code;

2.8 Device added successfully.

Step 3: Connect the DVR to the Same Network

3.1 Enter Main Menu - Camera

3.2 Click Refresh and Select I61DQ

3.3 Click “+” to add I61DQ to the DVR.

3.4 Check the device Status to make sure adding it successfully.

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Bio: I'm Product manager of ANNKE Security Technology Inc.
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