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Introduction: Connect ChromeCast Via Ethernet

Google have recently announced an official adapter to connect your Chromecast via ethernet.
Sadly this wasn't available (At the time of writing) in my country.

Luckily for me there is a way of doing this using 3rd party parts, And best of all it involves No Hacking, No Software Mods And doesn't even require configuring!

Step 1: Hardware

You will require Three very cheap pieces of hardware.

  1. OTG cable with power. (Known as a OTG Y Cable)
  2. Ethernet dongle which MUST use a ASIX AX88xx chip.
  3. Standard Ethernet patch cable.

The OTG cable can be found on ebay, using the search term "Micro USB Male to USB Female Host OTG Cable Adapter + Micro USB Female Y Cable" finds good results.

Here's a link to the one i purchased
Ensure it looks simular to the one in the photo. Full size USB-A female and 1 micro usb male and 1 micro usb female.

Ethernet Dongle
When purchasing an Ethernet dongle ensure your dongle uses a ASIX AX88xxx chip
Ensure the devices is usb 2.0 and 10/100.

I purchased "STOREINBOX USB 2.0 10/100 Lan" from amazon

I have read that BobjGear "Ethernet Adapter for Android" is working too!

Ethernet cable can be any standard patch cable cat5 or cat6 at any length as long as it reaches from your chrome-cast to your wifi router.

Setup is really easy

  1. un-plug the usb charging lead from your Chromecast
  2. plug the charging lead it into the OTG Cable,
  3. plug your ethernet dongle into the OTG cable.
  4. Using the patch lead connect the Ethernet dongle into your wifi router.
  5. Plug the OTG Cable into your chrome cast.

Chromecast will pickup the dongle automatically and will now use the wired connection instead of wifi.



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    Great project! I built this using similar parts and my Chromecast seems more stable so far. Thanks for the great writeup.

    Thank you for this great tutorial. The official adapter still isn't available in my country. I've made an account for the sole purpose of letting you know that I can confirm working, the TP LINK UE 300 Ver. 1, USB 3 ethernet adapter. I'm using a Chromecast V2 and the whole thing is powered from the TV's usb port. Even better, this probably means that other TP Link usb ethernet adapters work as well and TP Link stuff should be A LOT easier to find given that most places don't list what chip was used.

    I too created an account so I could say thanks. I used (note the explicit reference to ASIX AX88772 chipset and support for Chromebook)

    Plugged everything together and my ChromeCast connected via Ethernet. I have the ChromeCast v2 and the LED is lit.

    It worked for me (chromecast first model) with this two devices:

    Note that I've changed the wifi password on the router before making the above-mentioned connections.

    Next I've made the setup suggested (but) without connecting the Ethernet cable to the LAN network. In this way I've verified that the chromecast was actually unable to connect to the wireless network. Finally as soon as I've connected the ethernet cable to the LAN plug my chromecast instantly connected to the wired network. On my Chrome Browser the chromecast has been discovered without any installation procedure, the same on the Ipad.


    -The USB-Ethernet adapter has the Chipset ASIX AX88772 and the 5v led on the adapter body does not light up but it is working.

    -As a power source I've used the USB port on my plasma TV.

    Thanks for this! One thing I'd like to ask: Have you tried playing a PC game with this setup? How's the latency?

    Via wifi, the lag makes games pretty much unplayable, but with your setup it seems like it could work like a Steam Link . - considering the PC and the Chromecast are both connected via ethernet on the same network/router.

    Looking forward to your response! :)

    FYI, this network adapter works great with Chromecast:

    Thanks, this helped me with a TV powered Chromecast ver1 I had to configure, in a non wifi environment (security issues). Saved lots of time & money!!

    I'm all for "going my own way" to improvise my way around a prefab accessory. But, unfortunately, now that google offers their own adapter for $15, this is kind of a moot point. The Ethernet adapter alone costs more than that.

    3 replies

    I got it all for $4.84 brand new parts, If i buy that thing at staples they would charge me $15 plus tax. This is well being smarter than just throw away $10 bill to the garbage can.

    The Google Ethernet adaptor connects strait to the mains. No good if you want to power the chrome cast from a usb port on your tv! This way, you can use which ever power source you wish

    Hi thanks,
    My opening statement mentioned that they were not avaiable at time of writing.

    I can get the adapters for £3 £10 cheaper then the official ones.

    I created an account on Instructables to say: Thanks for this! Good job. :)

    Nice, thank you for sharing this!