The Kano computer is a "gamified" Raspberry Pi with special OS and other features that make it easier for young kids (it has been featured many times at instructables). The PiStorms is a hat for Raspberry Pi that allows the use of Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 motors and sensors.

We love both Lego and Kano, so we decided to put them together.

After contacting the developers of Kano and PiStorms they told us that it should be possible to install PiStorms in Kano (thanks to both teams!!). This is because Kano OS is essentially a Raspbian-Jessie modified OS and Raspbian is the usual OS for PiStorms. It is true but there are a couple of subtle points that we document here to help other interested people.

Step 1: Burn a SD Card With KANO OS

The first think to notice if you have a Kano computer is that you will need to burn a new SD card.

The reason is that you need to install PiStorms soft that expects to have only one user with username "pi", whereas in Kano you have multiple users with the names you prefer.

We followed the instructions available here to burn a new SD card with Kano OS. Instead of using the Kano OS english version, we copied into the SD card the new Spanish-Argentinian version available here

One the SD card is ready, simply boot the Raspberry Pi with the Kano OS card. The OS will decompress and install. During this process, the screen will show you several explanations about bits & computers to keep you entertained while waiting.

Once the OS has decompressed and installed, the terminal will ask you for your name, which is going to be the username. Enter "pi".

<p>It is nice to see I am not the only one adding a bunch of additional hardware to the Kano Computer Kit.</p>
<p>This is the fun about the Raspberry Pi, that you can add many things!!</p>

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