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China mobile phones are available everywhere but the PC suite is not available with the phones. Here, i am posting the PC suite for the China mobile phone. This PC suite works just like any other PC suite. It syncs your contacts, messages and calender. You can use your phone as a modem to connect to the internet and much more.


To use your phone as a modem follow these steps...

Step 1: Control Panle Settings

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First of all,
install your phone's modem driver. For example, mt 6225, mt 6227, mt 6228 depending on your phone model. To know the right driver for your phone search from the the link below:

After downloading the driver, go to
1) control panel > pohne and modem
3) clik on modems
4) clik on add > next > next
6) clik on standard modem type
7) Select communication cablet
8) Click on have disk
9) Browse to the folder where you have the modem driver file
10) click on next
11) select your usb modem com port** no.

To check the com port no. right click on your my computer icon and click properties

Go to the tab 'hardware'
>> device manger >> ports(com) >> USB modem (com)
See the port no. from there and enter then enter here.

13) click on next
14 click on continue
15) click 'finish'

You are done!


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