Introduction: Connect to Your Pc ANYWHERE!!!

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This is an Instructable on how to connect to your pc from a remote pc anywhere in the world with internet!!! This method is purely for the sake of Virtual Network Connection (VNC) Education and for those who are suffering socio-economic disparity and do not want to go buy some program worth +$100. It also should not be used for mission critical purposes.



Step 1: Things You Will Need

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You will need:
  • A computer
  • Internet - preferably fast but any will do
  • A flash drive or other means of mass storage devices.
  • Windows Live Messenger with sharing folders enabled and two email addresses
  • Time

You will need to DOWNLOAD:
Hamachi Setup files -
Hamachi - Buri - (Download)
TightVNC -
TightVNC Portable -

Step 2: Portableize!!! - Hamachi

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Time to get started!

First go to the Buri tutorial to compile buri ( ) DO NOT UNINSTALL HAMACHI LIKE THE TUTORIAL DID!

  • When compiled into one file you can not change options or add/remove servers.
  • Compatibility drops majorly and hamachi can't be updated when compiled into one file so you will be better off just doing it without making into one file. This will also save you a heck of a lot of time and hassle.

When configuring Hamachi and Hamachi - Buri it is a good idea to Block vulnerable Microsoft Windows Services otherwise if you have a non-private server that your remote client is on, all shared files on the remote computer will be viewable, downloadable and perhaps even deleteable but it's a good I'm telling you this now on my instructable (lol).

On your server's (your pc's) hamachi create a private network that only you are going to use and know the password of.

Quit the server-side hamachi.

On your portable hamachi - Buri, run the config.exe or whatever you may have renamed it to and join your server's network.

Transfer your configured Buri file / folder on to your flashdrive.

Step 3: Portableize!!! - TightVNC

Picture of Portableize!!! - TightVNC
After Hamachi is all set up and raring to go it's time to start on TightVNC.

First Install TightVNC (non portable version) on your server and set it up. Ensure you have set a password to access the server!

The best / fastest / safest options seem to be:
  • No local input during client sessions
  • Blank screen on client connections
  • Poll full-screen

Everything else should be fine on default.

Next Install TightVNC Portable onto your flashdrive. You may wish to use "Portable Apps" but it is not needed.

The best / fastest / safest options for TightVNC Portable seem to be:
  • Tight encoding
  • Not 8-bit mode
  • Scale by: Auto

Everything else should be fine on default.

Step 4: USE!!!

Picture of USE!!!

Finally, time to use your new VNC!!!

1. Run Hamachi and TightVNC server on your PC
2. Go somewhere with internetzorz
3. Join your server
To join your VNC server all you have to do is run Hamachi, copy your server's address then paste that address into the box in TightVNC portable as shown below. If you wish to run in fullscreen, press the Fullscreen button found at the top of the TightVNC window.

4. Impress friends / family / strangers with your 1337 Virtual Networking skills
5. When leaving the remote computer ensure hamachi is totally closed and the network is deleted BEFORE disconnecting your flashdrive.

HOW IT WORKS: Hamachi creates a virtual LAN network connection over the internet that is accessible by members of a hamachi server. It is very safe as you need a password to join (and obviously you won't be handing out your password to hackers). TightVNC then uses this network to connect to your computer, which the program thinks is on your Local Area Network.

In some cases I even find the VNC to run faster than the actual computer I'm on :S weird, I know but it is.

Comments and ratings are welcome and thanks for reading! :D

Step 5: Optional Stuff

Optionally you could also:
  • Set Hamachi as a windows service on your server.
  • Start Hamachi and TightVNC when windows starts.
  • Zip your Buri and TightVNC files and place in messenger sharing folders which you can access with your secondary email address. UPDATE: Sharing folders don't exist anymore, a skydrive could be a good alternative.
  • Rig up a crazy mobile phone device that turns on your pc so you can do it anywhere and any time while saving power. UPDATE: I think you could do this by soldering two wires to your phones speaker and attaching them to a switch or relay and wire the relay to the power jumpers inside your pc. It would be a good idea to have the normal Power button on your pc and the switch running parallel so you can still use the button. Once this is done, set the ringtone on the phone to beep once and set everything else to silent. You should be able to ring the phone and the relay will close the circuit. it would be possible to also have the phone's charger permanently plugged into the phone and feed the cord through a hole in your case and since the phone's circuitry is isolated from the computer's by the relay, there should be no explosions. My electronic skills are a little basic so try at your own risk.


FuyuKitsune (author)2010-02-15

There are a bajillion ways to do this: VNC (Tight, Ultra, Real), LogMeIn, NoMachine (server is Linux only). Heck, if you really want to mess with stuff, you could install a remote administration tool (aka: trojan) to your computer that has good remote-access capabilities.
The Instructable doesn't really explain how Hamachi comes into play. Standard VNC connections are unencrypted, so snoopers can easily find your VNC password. If you need the connection to be secure you normally have to tunnel the VNC connection through SSH. Hamachi will make a secure VPN running on their servers that's connected to your computer, acting like a tunnel. It's like a reverse connection on both sides being joined together by the Hamachi server. This makes it both easy to connect (it logs in to their web address instead of you having to find your IP) and secure (anybody trying to break Hamachi security is probably insane).

Without Hamachi:
For finding you server's IP it's easy to use stuff like No-IP (or Afraid.Org for more advanced user) to create a static-IP (a web-address that is synced to whatever IP you are currently using). Or you could do the opposite and do a reverse-connection by sending VNC (server) connection requests via batch, which would connect once you update the static-IP and run VNC client in listening mode. Most modern "remote administration tools" are already made for reverse-connections, so all you need to do is update your static-IP and run the client.

And I like that last optional thing. I would love to have something like that. It would be great on smart-phones like a  Droid or iPhone or Nexus One. You could call up, turn on the computer, and then turn on the VNC.

Sir, back when I wrote this instructable I didn't have much of a clue when it came to networks and secure connections. Looking back, I now see how secure the method was (as pointed out by your comment). I assure you, this was more due to luck than actual knowledge.

Tunneling through SSH would be a much better solution. It's secure, more reliable and there are no third parties to monitor your traffic. (Not to say I'm ungrateful for hamachi, they're a wonderful organization)

As OpenSSH is a native Unix application, tunneling a windows-based VNC server through SSH is somewhat of a challenge. If I encounter a lazy weekend in the near future, I might write an Ible on setting up an OpenSSH server on windows (using Cygwin) and using it to tunnel a VNC connection.


p.s. Belated replies lol.

aliasgar.babat.1 (author)2014-08-03

Hey, you can even remotely access computers using RHUB remote support servers. It is Fortknox.

ultralegomaster5096 (author)2011-06-07

Correction: Firefox is the best web browser.

west_tp (author)2011-03-28

The Homepage is not online anymore
Do you still know the steps ? And could you please tell us these steps ?
Thanks mate

EaglesNestOne (author)west_tp2011-03-28

Hi West_tp.

I haven't looked at this instructable in years and can't remember how to pack the buri files. However, I do remember you do most of the transferring during setup. As stated here: There should be text files in the buri directories to help you through the process. Please be advised that this method of connecting to your computer is quite redundant.

As a preferred alternative, you might like to look into installing 'TigerVNC' and forwarding the appropriate ports on your router. I believe it is possible to encrypt the traffic using that program too.

I'm thinking that I'll eventually make a new ible with instructions on creating a VNC server and perhaps tunneling it through SSH.


REA (author)2010-10-09

why not just use Logmein? its free and browser-based so theres no need to carry a flash drive. also, buri has been dropped.

rrrmanion (author)REA2010-12-12

I prefer teamviewer, it can even log on, and remote reboot, browser based, or you can use the portable version on your memory stick cd etc.

vader0ne (author)2010-09-07

Or you can download team viewer at and set up your computers to have it running all the time under your password. I have used this program from friends homes to access my computer for docs and programs. Just write your ID down and put it in your wallet password you should remember.I have all my PC's and girlfriends PC.set up to run in the back one knows it is there...I also use it to work on friends PC in Tenn .and FL.And set up internet radio Djing programs in other States.Hope this Info works for everybody.

mikemmcmeans (author)2010-07-14

broken links?

chicochan (author)2010-06-30

this is confusing me big time cant get the second file HELP

EaglesNestOne (author)chicochan2010-07-10

Hi chicochan. It seems the Buri server has been taken down I don't have the file either. Sorry :(. Please note this tutorial is very outdated, I'll most likely be deleting or at least editing it when I have some spare time. Regards, Eages.

pieplay (author)2010-01-15

Oh i left the hamachi out of it, here's how i've done it.
my pc was already set as a Apache server but had a Dynamic IP so i installed an IP updater that connects a zapto domain (or other). to my IP. Then i just had to extract the zip of the viewer into my usb (along to make it fancy with the portableapps menu). 
Pro: Only have to boot VNCviewer (fast)
Contra: If you not use port 80 for Http (apache) traffic the site of the updater ( considers the domain as idle and sends a mail with a link to extend the duration every 14 days.

ddvniek (author)2009-10-16

Hi, I have a problem.  does not exist anymore. Any help???????? 

EaglesNestOne (author)ddvniek2009-10-18

Hi ddvniek,

The new URL is: .


ddvniek (author)EaglesNestOne2009-11-28

Hi, Thanks.

CalcProgrammer1 (author)2009-09-15

You can simply use TightVNC and be done with it. TightVNC has an HTTP based client that runs default on port 5800 (regular VNC port is 5900). It is an HTTP server that loads a Java applet VNC viewer in any browser compatible with Java applets. With this you can ditch the flash drive, forward port 5800 if you're behind a router, and access your PC from any other Internet connected PC that has Java. All you need to know is your external (Internet) IP and you can then type http://<your-internet-ip>:5800 on any PC's browser to access your PC's screen, keyboard, and mouse. You can also download UltraVNC Viewer on other PC's to use regular port 5900 connections if you forget your flash drive. It is lightweight and doesn't require installation.

bwpatton1 (author)2009-08-14

Tight, this will help me with my thin client set up! Thanks, just what I was looking for!

Psychic Master (author)2009-05-28

also when you say copy the buri file/folder do you copy the APP folder or the whole thing

Put ALL the buri files onto your flashdrive including the app folder.

aservantofhis (author)2009-03-16

i cant find the hamachi files to place in buri. it says look ion the temp folder while hamachi is still seting up (before you click finish) but they arnt there and i have done a complete search and didnt find it. what now?

Ensure you can view hidden and protected files. If you can't find the files in the Administrator directory try looking in the directory of the login name you're using. You may need to be logged in as Administrator for it to work.

yea i sorted that issue, thanks. My other issue is that hamachi wont work on the portable drive. Everything is fine on the server end i installed it, configured it and its all go but when i start it with the portable drive on another computer it comes up with " failed to connect to hamachi adapter" i have no idea why and have searched the internet and forums but with no answer. I follwed exactly as it was said to place hamachi buri on the other drive. (config.exe plus the apps folder)

did you ever figure out what the problem is with the Hamachi connection to the network adapter?

No, never did. And no-one was able to help me so i quickly gave up. I use which is a free service but its slow. I wanted to use hamachi because it was quicker and near real time but because of issues i havn't touched it. Maybe the other computer had a hidden firewall up. it was my work computer which has tight security with internet data etc although i have internet access.

It's kinda hard to tell what's wrong. If there's one thing I know about buri, the easiest way to solve it is start from scratch. If you want to try and diagnose what the problem is, try running ipconfig from cmd to see if there is a hamachi adapter in the list when running buri. It's most likely a missing driver file or bad configuration. But like I said it's faster just to start from scratch. Regards, EaglesNestOne

Psychic Master (author)2009-05-27

just finished and thanks for the advice im going to try this tomorrow :)...

Glad I could help. EaglesNestOne

Psychic Master (author)2009-05-27

i have found the temp folder but it is empty and i have the setting to show hidden items, im begining to think this doesnt work...

It does work but setting up buri can be a real hassle sometimes. I'll have to ask my mate where the files are in vista though. bbs, EaglsNestOne

verdastel (author)2009-04-18

That's cool! Good instructables. Forgive me if my question sounds stupid, but i'm a layman. 1. Does it mean that the connection will work even if the controlled computer is behind router and/or firewall? 2. Can i use another remote tool other than VNC (for instance Radmin) ? Thanks

EaglesNestOne (author)verdastel2009-05-27

1. YES! This process works even works through routers I use it myself and I'm behind one so as long as hamachi is working properly, it will work. You may need to forward the port hamachi uses in your router's settings. 2. Think of hamachi as a router with your computer plugged into it. Every time you connect with a different computer, it virtually plugs it into the router. Therefore, anything that would work over a normal network will work over hamachi.

Psychic Master (author)2009-05-27

also i have vista so i dont think tht the folders are the same as the old windows

Psychic Master (author)2009-05-26

i cant find the tutorial plz help

crazy monkey (author)2009-05-19

i have everything ready to go but when i try to connect it fails. i have everything working: my hamachi and vnc on pc and hamachi on flash drive.any idea why its not connecting? any help is greatly appreciated thank you

First of all, just to make it clear, are you actually trying to connect to your hamachi server from a different computer? I know it may seem a bit of a stupid question but I don't think I included anything about it in my instructable. If you are trying to connect to your server from a remote pc, (like you are probably trying to do) ensure that hamachi is properly installed on your server and your router (if you have any) is forwarding the needed port correctly. Also, if you are not totally confident with your buri files, redo the whole buri process and remember that problems are often experienced when it's compiled to one file. If you still experience problems the issue may be:
  • You are not an Administrator (you're using a limited user account);
  • Your system firewall may be blocking hamachi;
  • At least one of the two computers in question is not properly connected to the internet (unlikely);
  • Alias's need to be set. And using hamachi Alias's calls for a whole seperate instructable...

If you still have problems after doing this feel free to post back your system specs etc. and I'll see what I can do.

I hope this helps,

thanks but i got it working the problem was that the server wasnt up on my home pc so i couldnt connect to it thanks again crazy monkey

MilotisX (author)2009-03-04

this is really really sweet! Great tutorial, im gunna try this

blakeredfield (author)2009-02-09

I have tried a few remote access programs and LogMeIn works the best for me. You download and install the Free version (of course) on the computer you want to access, the little app runs all the time and you can get full desktop connection with all keystrokes captured from any computer in the world. Maybe a simpler alternative for some? Maybe I need to write a 'ibble? So many maybe's....

LogMeIn runs on internet browsers doesn't it? I liked this method more because it doesn't require anything other than what's on the flashdrive. Sure with LogMeIn you don't even need a flashdrive because you can just go the the website and do it. I like the idea of having something "Physically" portable that you can log into your computer with. If you want something that isn't on your flashdrive such as LogMeIn I highly recommend you sign up to Windows Live Mesh. It's totally free and you can sync files and connect to your remote desktop all from the mesh website.

EDIT: Also, using the Internet Browser method isn't necessarily totally portable, as Cookies etc may be left on the client computer. With this method, all traces are deleted when hamachi is closed. Leaving the client's pc clean.

Yes, I agree. There are other ways of connecting to remote desktops. Hell, you can even use NetMeeting if you can configure it correctly. And I am making a mistake by suggesting other ways to do things, which is not the instructable's way. But I leave this comment because I've tried Mesh and VNC and PCAnywhere and a lot of other homebrew apps, and they have all failed me at one point or another - either configuration was too complicated, and I'm not computer illiterate in any way, but it just wasnt reliable. I havent tried your method, and in perfect honesty, I dont think I will because I have solved my problem. Oh, and there are no cookies left on the server side when you connect with LMI. And you should set your browser to clean temporary cookies when you log out anyway. Thank you for this instructable. People will explore all the different options, learn various things about these programs at the same time, and then can finally decide whats best for them. - I love this site!

littlechef37 (author)2009-01-04

I cant get Hamachi to connect ! It just says, could not connect automatically, I have tried connecting Manual, With browsers settings, with no proxy at all Im using vulnerable vista sp1

Sometimes you might not be able to connect because of heavy traffic or a hamachi server update. This happens very often in the holidays. If you still have problems after a period of time, try going into Start>RUN>cmd>ipconfig /release; ipconfig /renew. If you are still having problems, try contacting hamachi support.

hassannaeem101 (author)2008-12-28

take your laptop with you =)

EaglesNestOne (author)2008-11-14

I've been running the free version of RealVNC instead of TightVNC for a while and it works fine and is a little more up-to-date than the latter but in terms of file transfer and GUI simplicity I would have to say TightVNC is better. I'll probably switch back to TightVNC in the holidays... once I find my flashdrive that's probably BURIed under paper. (lol noticed the pun after I typed it)

gabolema (author)2008-11-13

I cannot seem to compile buri, even after I install the dependencies. Any idea what could be going wrong?

EaglesNestOne (author)gabolema2008-11-14

As said, don't compile it into a 1 file exe, way too many problems, from my experience anyway. Can you give me some stats like OS, network, Service Pack etc.? Also, AVG is starting to pick up some buri files on my computer as a virus so it may help if you disable your antivirus. I know it sounds risky but as far as I've seen, Buri is pretty clean. It's been a while but as long as you follow the tutorial up to the part when it introduces the compiling of the standalone EXE you should be fine... one would hope. Without knowing much about your situation I can only really say make sure you have the right files in the right directory. If you repeat the tutorial on the buri site and it still doesn't work I'd say put the whole load onto your flashdrive and try doing it on another pc or somthing.

sdman11890 (author)2008-09-04

This worked perfectly!! Awesome 'ible!!!

codongolev (author)2008-08-23

firefox isn't perhaps the best internet browser ever. it is the best internet browser ever.

poiu12340 (author)codongolev2008-08-31

agreed Have you guys looked at Firefox add-ons.

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