Step 3: Computer Set-Up

Picture of Computer Set-Up
Picture 4.png
Picture 5.png
      Once everything is plugged in, and both you Mac and HDTV are on, you may get your default desktop background picture on Your TV, or nothing at all. On your MacBook, the next step is to navigate to system Preferences, found by looking for the Apple logo on the upermost right of your Mac's screen, clicking, and selecting System Preferences in the Drop Down Menu. Now click "Displays", you will now be greeted with many more options. I advise you put your resolution at the maximum. Now in the window, click "Detect Displays". Lastly, check the Box "Show Displays in Menu Bar".
     Now there will be a little display icon in your Menu Bar. Click it and from the drop-down menu, select Mirror Displays. Your TV should now show and mimic whatever is on your laptop screen.

Now switch down the brightness on your Mac until it is off. (Short-cut on keyboard.)
For less confusing instructions, again follow the Annotations on the Photographs below.