Connect your Xbox 360 online using your laptop (Simplified for Vista ONLY)

Step 2: Bridge the Network

Picture of Bridge the Network
When you bring up the Manage Network Connections page, it will have at least two connection icons listed in it, the Wireless Connection, and the Local Area Connection(Or LAN).
Highlight them both, and then right click. From there, click Bridge Connections, or something like that. Give it a few minutes to bridge the connections. Once the two connections are bridged, go to the next step.
demen6 years ago
When I Try To Bridge My Two Networks and it said the following: "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or high-speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet conection sharing" What did i do wrong? HELP
To select both networks wireles and LAN you must high light both at the same time in order to bridge. How do you highlight both at once??? When you are on the "Manage Network Connections" page you will see 2 connection options..one will be your LAN and the 2nd will be your wireless...well look to your top left hand corner...you can read in blue letters"Network connections 2" or something like that....click on the blue letters and it will highlight both wireless and LAN at the same time........then continue with puddleofmud25 instructions. Hope this helps!!! If you need more details just let me know.
i have wind. 7, and i see no blue letters plz help?!
Mine didn't work at first (using vista hp laptop) but I worked out the problem. If you can't bridge the connections it's because the Sharing has to be completely disabled from your main wireless connection (Mine was belkin54g) so go onto that - properties - sharing - untick all boxes and click OK. Then bridging the connection will work,. When I tested the connection with my xbox it told me to restart my router, and tada it worked . So basically, no sharing, bridge, restart router, test, play XBL :P I hope this helps some people who are having problems.
odom415 years ago
Can you help me?The local area connection isn't there and i have the ethernet cable connected to my laptop and 360 but there isn't a local area connection just wireless network connection
do you see any logo that looks like an ethernet cord end, becease i noticed that many times you can end up accedentlly changing the name. If so than that would be your 'local area connection'
khocking4 years ago
ok i did all of that but after i do i cnt connect to it becuz i haft to have 2 LAN or high speed internet connectins not being used and i dont got those and so it wont let me??
 as soon as i bridge the connections i lose internet and it can't connect to xbox live because of that
can anyone help me?
I'm having this problem too. Connections are bridged, but no Internet!!! HELP!!!
lksgurl4 years ago
im using windows vista starter and there isnt a bridge network connection what do i do
serverocks4 years ago
there is no LAN option what do i do? reply fast please!
young ninja4 years ago
for the wirless network connection instead of it having bars it has a cross and i am connected to the internet so it should have it should'nt it
techman20055 years ago
I have this feeling that my pc being on a domain pc and not being on that domains fudging things. I've got  the xbox and pc bridged, then I tried shared. Any ideas without removing myself from the  domain I'm on?
Raphaell5 years ago
After I bridge the connection, I lose internet. What's causing this, and how can I fix it?
I did everything step for step. I got the two to bridge, hooked up my 360 to my laptop and still nothing. I turned off the firewall on my laptop and still no response from the network. Do I have to restart the router for it to work? If so, then will the wireless router recognize the 360 as a network device or is it just casting from the laptop? Spent the last couple of hours trying this and nothing. Help will be much appreciated. BTW I'm using a 2wire dsl modem through at&t.
wilsonater6 years ago
i've had exactly the same problem and i have disabled the firewall ect. but it keeps coming up with that same message - "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or high-speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet conection sharing"...
Your problem is that your probably sharing a folder or file on your connection. You have to disable your file sharing or connection sharing. Network sharing folder will tell if your sharing certain folders or not.
Since you are getting this message what you need to do is make sure your cable is plugged into your 360 and your laptop. Then go into the settings for local area connection and make sure sharing is turned off. Then go to the wireless connection has sharing disabled. Then you should be able to make the bridge
k_dubb35 years ago
I  cant connect the two and get a bridge network, could you help me please?
yourdad6 years ago
Helped me sooo much! And Microsoft charges $100 on an adapter, what a joke!
legoactor6 years ago
the "local area connection" isnt there HELP!!!!
Hey, maybe you can help me i bridge the two and that works but when i connect the cable to my xbox360 to my laptop the lan setting still has an X what do i do?
ok so i'm using a vista laptop and i'm still getting that error no matter what i do can anyone help?
Zac956 years ago
Demen, if you havent already figured it out, and for others also go onto the properties of both the internet connections. then click the sharing tab then make sure both the boxes are NOT checked
alright i got ur answer right here make sure ur Ethernet is connect from ur laptop to ur computer go to manage networks under the wired network go to properties uncheck the sharing box (i think its the first one) then u should be able to bridge i did this using windows vista on my xps and im damn proud
yeah the bridge connection worked but now im stuck on getting the "internet connected" help!!! plz
thanks this helps thanks man
noctuco6 years ago
When I Try To Bridge My Two Networks and it said the following: "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or high-speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet conection sharing" What did i do wrong? HELP
trpjazz noctuco6 years ago
you have to make sure your wireless connection is the only thing sharing a connection not the ethernet adaptor because it is only receiving... that fixed my problem i hope it helps
jayson166 years ago
Hey, great instructable thing you have to start off with.. But has anyone figured out the problem which states: "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or high-speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet conection sharing" I've checked the comments but none really seem to help me. Was wondering, what programms should i be looking for to see what are turned on, or what need to be turned off etc. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
i have the same error message and i cant find what to do i have looked everywhere and it isnt an option to highlight both of my connections it just keeps movin it please help!!!
moomaneast6 years ago
Hi im trying to highlite the local area connection and the wireless connection but i only hav the wireless connection? Help plz
uej56316 years ago
when i do this, the internet on my laptop stops working:S any idea what i'm doing wrong?
PuddleOfMudd25 (author)  uej56316 years ago
I had the same problem, honestly I have no idea whats wrong, but I used the "Repair" option to try and fix it, or I just disconnected and re-connected until it worked. Keep in mind we probably have different systems and routers, so help is limited. PS- Sorry I didn't respond earlier, for some reason I didn't notice the email.
andybell6 years ago
How do you highlight BOTH of them?
PuddleOfMudd25 (author)  andybell6 years ago
I'm guessing you mean highlight the LAN and Wireless Connection simultaneously , all you have to do is hold the left mouse button down and drag it over the icons, or hold down CTRL as you click on both. If that isn't what you mean, please respond so I can help you further.