Connect Your IDevice to Your School's Wifi!





Introduction: Connect Your IDevice to Your School's Wifi!

Everyone just got back to school, and you connect your ipod or ipad to your high school's wifi network.  Whether it's to do your history homework or play words with friends at lunch, you have to wait to get home.  Well not anymore!  I'll show you how to use the internet at school.  Plus I don't have to worry about you guys looking at porn and stuff because that is blocked on their internet!

What you will need:

A jailbroken ipod touch, iphone, or ipad
You will need access to one of your school's apple computers or idevices (such as an ipad or itouch.)

Step 1:

I am not sure if this will work with all school networks, but it works with mine.  How you can probably tell, is to try to connect without doing anything.  If the network has no password, but doesn't work when you log on, this will most likely work.

Most school wifi networks work with a pre-programmed list of accepted MAC addresses.  A MAC address is a unique signature most electronic devices have.  If yours is on the list, you can use the internet.  This will show you how to change yours to be the same as one of the school's.

The first thing you need to do is obtain a mac address from an apple device connected to your schools wifi network.  If it is an ipod touch or an ipad, go to the settings app and click on general.  Then click on about.  Scroll down to near the bottom where it says: wifi address.  There should be a bunch of letters and numbers separated by colons.  Write it down EXACTLY how it appears, including the capital letters and colons.

If the only thing you have access to is one of the apple laptops, this is how to find the mac address.  I've never actually used this method, so be sure to comment and tell me if it works.  Go to system preferences, go to network, and then to advanced.  Your MAC address is your airport id.  There should be a bunch of letters and numbers separated by colons.  Write it down EXACTLY how it appears, including the capital letters and colons.

Step 2:

Here's where your jailbroken device comes in.  Go to cydia, and download the app called macX4.  Once you have it, open it up.  Type in the numbers, letters, and colons you recorded from the school device, and click change MAC.  Your device will restart.  Once it turns back on, you should be able to connect to the network.  Notice- from my experience, push notifications, music, and possibly other things will not work, until you change back.  Once you are done using wifi at the school, simply open the app again, and click restore original app.  Your device will restart again, and everything will go back to normal.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.



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    I have a SAMSUNG so how would i connect my phone to my school WiFi?

    does it work if they only have windows computers?

    this doesn't work on all devices, it only works on Unix based OSes like Apple handheld devices, and select Linux Distro. (Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, BackTrack, etc.) but not Android since Android is heavily modded (from UEFI to Kernel).

    this dont work for my school because we have 3 networks one for staff one for students and one for guest but EVERYONE knows that password so ya the password dont do them any good=)

    At most state schools that has a student laptop program this should work on iPod,iPad,iPhone,Apple laptop. only apple devices because they receave the security Certificate automaticly all other devices i found don't work

    on idevices go to settings, Wi Fi, other
    SSID is: QDETA-X
    Security is: WPA enterprise
    username is: "your school user name"
    Password is: "your school password"
    click join
    click accept
    once joined click on the over arrow scroll down you'll see Http proxy select manual
    your server shall be EQ "domain" 2177001
    your server shall be EQ "domain" 2177002
    your server shall be EQ "domain" 2177003
    your server shall be EQ "domain" 2177004
    your server shall be EQ "domain" 2177005
    eg: domain is CORP it will be EQCORP2177001
    eg: domain is CORP it will be EQCORP2177002
    eg: domain is CORP it will be EQCORP2177003
    eg: domain is CORP it will be EQCORP2177004
    eg: domain is CORP it will be EQCORP2177005
    your domain is what you see when you login on windows it sais
    you are logging on to "domain"
    or domain "domain"

    while your description itself tells of one use, this is basically a tutorial to break into MAC filtered access points. Schools are not the only ones who use this kind of access points. secondly, the firewalls, or "blocking" as you put it, can be bypassed at the cost of some speed through a tool that I will not name here, but is available for idevices. this method can also be used to disguise your device on a network, as your MAC is a unique identifier to your device. there are also several more nefarious purposes that i also will not mention here. also, just FYI, this method can be used to connect laptops and other computers as well by use of a program called macchanger.

    also, i need to come up with my own completely awesome idea, because i could really use those prizes to finish my musical tesla coil, which i would then of course completely open source, including the software i am developing for it to compose the digital music code graphically

    smart, I'm not in school anymore, but I'm sure there are other applications for this trick.