The goal of this project is to make a door sign (to say if people can enter or not) but connected to Wifi (and controlled via a webpage).

[WIP] For the moment, the wifi connection does not work but I design the display and control it via a simple button.

It uses a ePaper display to consume less energy and to display all the time the info.

Step 1: What You Need ?

  1. Arduino board with WIFI
  2. a button, and jumper wires
  3. ePaper display (from Waveshare http://www.waveshare.com/4.3inch-e-paper.htm http://www.waveshare.com/wiki/4.3inch_e-Paper)
  4. the required files : https://github.com/DavidLibeau/ConnectedDoorSign/...
  5. a SD card

Step 2: Connect and Upload

You just have to :

  1. connect the screen like the Waveshare wiki is showing
  2. connect the button on pin 8
  3. plug you SD card with the two pictures
  4. upload the code with the libraries

That simple! ;)

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