Connecting a Guitar to an Ipad





Introduction: Connecting a Guitar to an Ipad

Hello in this instructable i am going to show you how to connect your guitar to your ipad!

If you connect your guitar to your ipad you could : use your ipad as an amp, tune it easily, record your awesome guitar songs on your ipad

Step 1: You Will Need

A guitar cable

A connector ( in this instructable I'm using the Irig)

A pair of headphones ( if your not using the Irig you don't need headphones)

Step 2: Plugging It All In

Connect one end of your guitar cable into your guitar, connect the other end of the guitar cable into the connector , plug headphones into the connector, plug the connector into your ipad.

Step 3: Download Apps

I will list a few apps and what there used for

GuitarTuna - a guitar tuner

Garage band - a virtual guitar amp



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    Even though I don't have a guitar still a good post.. Squid.. Lol spelt your name right this time