Connecting PC to an HD TV


Introduction: Connecting PC to an HD TV

This is basically an instructable for choosing a right device and connection between a CPU with VGA Port to an HD TV with an HDMI Port.

There are two videos in this instructable, First video goes wrong and doesn't' work and the second video works fine and gives the desired result.

Step 1: The Mistakes

Technically we can transfer from HDMI port to VGA port without converter. All you need an HDMI to VGA cord. It is not the same case when we need to send from VGA to HDMI. In market there are many types of connectors, the choice has to be right. I learnt it right after 2 mistakes.

Please don't buy (Mistakes done by me)-

1. Connecting cables with one end HDMI (Male) & other end VGA (Male). This may work in HDMI to VGA data transfer, not VGA to HDMI.

2. Connector cables with one end HDMI (Female) & other end VGA (Female) . Again this may work in HDMI to VGA data transfer, not VGA to HDMI.

Step 2: The Technical Solution That Works

Please buy a VGA to HDMI Converter. For details of instruction follow the video. It works flawlessly.



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    You need a converter, but in the cable you have shown its built into the cable itself. (I have the same one) But it seems most cables do now and the days of bulky converter boxes are coming to an end. Just take an extra second to read the label of your cables and you should be great.

    1 reply

    Ignore my comment. I'm dumb, and tired, I was thinking reverse. Sorry guys. At least I have you member berries of converter boxes.

    Yes, I think it depends on the VGA cable. I have seen a case where the cable was the reason for low resolution data transfer.

    another thing it could be is the video card. I had a older PC driving a 1080p 60 Hz and a 920p 60 Hz somewhat fine.

    Adapters are great! I am currently using a displayport to VGA adapter right now.

    3 replies

    Adopters only work without any concern. Else cases it is not easy.

    Problem is when when we get misguided and follow a consultation without any judgement.